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14th December, 2022

Professional TV Wall Mounting for a Customer in North Narrabeen

We all have our tiny pleasures in life. Regardless of what they are, the way they make us happy is what matters the most. Watching TV is one of the most common forms of relaxation anywhere. Almost everyone loves watching some particular shows. These take away our exhaustion from a long, weary day of doing household chores and dealing with deadlines. It is such a nice feeling to be able to just sit or lay down without thinking too much. Isn’t it awesome to watch TV from any angle you wish?

Whether you’re sitting comfortably or lying on the couch and binge-watching all your favourite shows, being able to watch anywhere you want is pure joy. Watching TV from any angle you wish is a complete possibility but know that your TV placement is a key factor to getting the maximum level of entertainment you wish. It’s important to speak to professional tv wall mounting guys for recommendations and let them do the work for you.

Just a few days earlier, a customer called Mr Antenna to help with his TV wall mounting in North Narrabeen. He had just moved into the neighbourhood a month earlier. It was a 55” LG TV and the customer also wanted to hide the cables for a simple and neat look. The customer told us that one of his neighbours recommended Mr Antenna to do the work for him. We also did TV wall-mounting work for his neighbours not long ago and we felt very proud as we pleased them with our work.

We always aim to provide quality service and it’s satisfying to see people recognizing us! So, we sent Craig, one of our local TV wall mounting guys in North Narrabeen, to do the job for the customer. You might already have a good guess but yes, it was also Craig who previously serviced the customer’s neighbours. This is what we always mean by building a reputable image for customers. It’s always trust and appreciation that will keep you going. 😊

When Craig arrived, he inspected the wall where he will be placing the TV. This was the standard procedure to make sure no water pipes or other important wirings will get punctured during the installation. Craig drilled a hole carefully through the wall and made the TV cables run through it before mounting the TV. The customer requested to hide the cables on the wall for a tidier look in the living room. Also, he was very keen on the placement of the TV as he didn’t want to get a stiff neck while watching. He jokingly said he’s already got a lot of back and neck pains from doing nonstop work at home and in the office so he’ll pass on getting another type of “Ouch!” this time. We assured him that that’s what we’ll do so he can take that off his worries.

We know how crazy joint pains are, mate! That’s for sure! After almost two hours, Craig was able to fulfil all the customer’s requests and delighted the customer with the outcome. He was very pleased with the quality of Craig’s work as he had done the job very carefully throughout the installation. Now, whenever he feels like watching TV, it will be accessible in a snap. Our mental health matters that’s why it is pivotal to nourish it. Besides taking care of our bodies, taking time to calm down and replenish our tired minds is necessary. Always find something that will help you recharge your energy.

If you’re looking for a professional TV wall mounting company in Australia that offers affordable and excellent service, Mr Antenna is the right one to call! Our guys are highly-skilled professionals who are excellent and careful at the same time. We take care of every surface we touch! For your TV wall mounting requests in North Narrabeen, call Mr Antenna on 13 11 49 for help!

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