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Antenna Repair

Mr. Antenna is one of Australia’s leading antenna installation companies and provides antenna installation and repair services throughout Australia.

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Your local TV Antenna & Aerial Installation Experts

Our friendly technicians will come to the site and assess the condition of the antenna. They will also do a signal test at the property. This will tell us about any problems with the antenna and if it’s the correct antenna for your location.

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Finding the best match

Antenna repair also involves testing existing cabling and any splitters in your antenna system to identify any potential problems.

When assessing the repair work, your technician will take into account how the antenna was previously installed. Sometimes the antenna may need to be shifted due to wear and tear of the antenna or even the building itself. We can relocate the antenna using a new secure mount and have you up and running.

Our technicians will take into consideration what antenna is required, which transmitter that we need to align the antenna to, all to ensure that we will provide the strongest and clearest signal. Items like external interference, 4G interference from telephone towers and mobile phones, and the correct mounting position on the roof will provide the most cosmetic and ergonomic installation possible.

Once we’ve selected the correct antenna, we will then install the antenna to the desired location, test all components in the antenna system and then finally tune the TVs in the home to the correct settings. Installations may vary across different types of homes, whether the roof is a tile roof, a color bond roof or even a flat roof.

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Keeping Up with Changes

With the change in digital TV in the last few years, your already existing antenna may not be capable of picking up all the existing channels. Therefore, that could be part of the reception issues.

There are also things such as 4G interference or external interference that your old antenna may be picking up, hence, having a technician come out and assess this may help decipher whether the antenna is okay or whether it needs to be replaced for a new digital antenna that has the 4G capability, infiltration built-in.

100% Guaranteed Work

Your local TV Antenna & Aerial Installation Experts

If the antenna does need a repair or replacement, our technicians will be able to produce a free, on-site quote according to what needs to happen to that site. In most circumstances, our technicians will fix the problem for you right there and then, and you’ll be able to watch your TV straight away. Don’t risk climbing on the roof yourself. Call a trained technician with the correct test equipment to rectify these issues. Call Mr. Antenna on 131149.

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Nationwide Antenna Services

We have antenna technicians all across Australia. Each technician works in their local area—this ensure they bring local knowledge and experience when they are helping you.

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Superior service and proud to have built our name and reputation by consistently providing excellent service.

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