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Australian Made Antenna Installation Bayside Middle Park - 2

18th May, 2021

Australian Made TV Antenna Installation in Bayside Middle Park

We at Mr. Antenna always prefer to use Australian made TV antennas for every installation. Our team and customers have tried and tested these antennas for many years. This allows us to guarantee its performance and longevity.

Mr Antenna has been busy working in Middle Park opposite the “Sand Bar” one of our favourite cafes to enjoy a coffee in between jobs.

This particular Middle Park customer had complaints of poor reception issues. It turned out that the customer was right. After extensive testing, we the identified poor TV signal strength. We also identified extremely poor tv signal quality on Channel 10 and the ABC. These are classic symptoms of the
dreaded …. Chinese made LP345 antenna.

Not only is this particular antenna poorly made it also susceptible to unwanted signals. We also picked up a ton of 4G ingress compliments of the 4G tower on the housing commission units next door.

There was only one solution for this job and it was to replace the antenna with our premium Australian made Matchmaster VHF TV antenna which has a built-in 4G filter. This antenna blocked the 4G interference and at the same time, it came in strong on TV signal strength and quality.

This was definitely as planned a great outcome. Now the customer can sit back and watch the footy knowing that the TV won’t pixelate just as the ball has bounced!

Australian Made Antenna Installation Bayside Middle Park - 1
Australian Made Antenna Installation Bayside Middle Park - 2

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