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Digital TV Antenna Installation

Mr. Antenna is one of Australia’s leading digital TV antenna installation companies and provides the service of installations throughout Australia.

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How to install an Antenna
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Industry Expertise

Your local Digital TV Antenna & Aerial Installation Experts

Our technicians are highly experienced in antenna setup and installation with technicians based in all areas of Australia. We service many clients building new homes and also existing residential homes.

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Finding the best match

Our technicians will take into consideration what antenna is required as well as which transmitter that we need to align the antenna to. This is specifically done to ensure that we will provide the strongest and clearest signal. Items like 4G interference from telephone towers and mobile phones creates barriers and hence is a matter of concern. Therefore the correct mounting position on the roof needs to be identified as it will provide the most cosmetic and ergonomic installation possible.

Once we’ve selected the correct antenna, we will then install the antenna to the desired location. After this, we will test all components in the antenna system and then finally tune the TVs in the home to the correct settings. Installations may vary across different types of homes, whether the roof is a tile roof, a colour bond roof or even a flat roof.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Easy Installation
Hassle-Free Work
Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Guaranteed Work

Your local TV Antenna & Aerial Installation Experts

With over 600,000 satisfied customers since 1991, Mr Antenna has become Australia’s leading dedicated television antenna installation company.

Mr Antenna provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our work. In fact, all our new Australian made antennas include a lifetime guarantee after installation. Thus, allowing you to be carefree when it comes to your Television.

All our technicians are local to your area and have the professional expertise needed to help you with the best possible price as well as service and advice.

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Nationwide Antenna Services

We have antenna technicians all across Australia. Each technician works in their local area—this ensure they bring local knowledge and experience when they are helping you.

What to expect on the day

Superior service and proud to have built our name and reputation by consistently providing excellent service.

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Antenna Installation, Pest Control, Gutter or Solar Cleaning? There’s a hero for all your needs. Request a Free Quote if you need any help.