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30th November, 2022

Bad TV Reception in Kilmore Solved by Mr Antenna

A lot of things, good or bad, happen to us daily. It’s just a matter of how we deal with them. Though, we want to avoid hassle as much as we can, right? That’s basic. For some issues that can easily be sorted out, there’s no point in prolonging the agony. Every day, we get several enquiries from different customers about them having TV reception troubles and it always goes down to a single bottom line: to get these issues fixes as soon as possible. Regardless of what causes your TV reception to play up, our team of professional antenna techs in Victoria is always on the go to help. Now, let’s take a look at our customer’s story in Kilmore.

He rang us one morning saying that he had extremely poor reception on all channels. What makes it more of a bummer is that it happens very randomly. Previously, he tried asking for help but all of a sudden, the channels got better. It was like a joke was played on him and that made him think it was just bad luck that the channels acted up.

It went well for a couple of days but later on, the same problems started occurring once more. He then decided to look for antenna experts in Kilmore and that’s when he found us on the web. He wanted to get rid of these intermittent issues once and for all and just stop stressing over them. So he enquired if we can come over to check what was going on and of course, end this pain in his neck.

Brett, one of our professional antenna technicians in Kilmore, drove to the customer’s residence to inspect and terminate whatever causing the fuss. When Brett arrived, he quickly performed a swift but keen inspection of the antenna. To say the truth, it was the same old issue that our boys find out about. First, the antenna was old and was about to give up on its life—literally.

Poor fella was holding on to his life, the reason why it continues to fail miserably. It was at that moment, Brett knew that the antenna needs to be replaced by a new and updated version. There were no issues with the house’s location as the signal was pretty good. Though, it was a good idea to have the antenna sit on a tin roof mount for a levelled angle and to make it sturdy enough to withstand moderate wind.

The customer wanted to be a little extra so other than the antenna, he already requested to install an amplifier to ensure that the signal will be at its best. Brett installed a MatchMaster amplifier plus a new power supply. He then connected it to a four-way splitter and ran it to an extra TV point. After the flawless installation, Brett tested to see if everything went well. From that inconsistent, bad TV reception, it now turned to a classic, pixelation-free one.

All the TV channels started working better than ever. Brett still advised the customer to continue monitoring the issue for a couple of days to see if it will come back. The customer called, not to complain but to extend her thanks to Brett and our team because he had no troubles with his TV for two straight weeks. He said this almost felt new to him. Brett, our local hero in Kilmore, got all the commendation he deserves. Thanks, mate. Always at his best!

We don’t mind what’s the cause of your reception troubles! Whatever they are, we have a solution to offer. Call us today and we’ll sort out these problems for you. Our professional antenna guys in Kilmore and anywhere in Victoria are just a dial away to serve you. Call us now on 131149 and let’s get you started. How does a free quote sound?

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