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2nd December, 2022

Corroded Cables Cause TV Reception Issues

Isn’t it super annoying when freshly-bought electronics or gadgets end up being defective? Thanks to warranty services, you can replace these damaged devices with new ones. Besides phones and other electronic devices, antennas are not an exemption. There are instances when a newly-installed TV antenna still can’t get the job right. Despite being new and physically perfect, reception issues still keep happening for some reason. To be fair to antennas, they are not always the problem! The culprit? It could be corroded cables.

Even though cables have their protective layers, when moisture goes through their interior, it forms rust and corrodes the wirings beneath. The result? Your TV reception plays up badly! It’s not always the antenna, but our experts understand if you point your fingers at TV antennas. Poor antennas take the blame most of the time but yes, cables are at fault sometimes! We had this case not long ago from a customer in Mount Annan.

Ninos, one of our local antenna heroes in Mount Annan, went to help a customer sort out what causes their intermittent TV reception. The customer explained that she had the antenna installed only a week ago but when she checked, the TV images were pixelating and there were times that they go on and off. She called the antenna manufacturer to confirm if this is not an old stock and they repeatedly said that it was not. The customer felt very stressed and decided to call an antenna specialist in Mount Annan. Ninos quickly scanned the antenna and found out that the main cable which connects the antenna to the TV was badly corroded.

A damaged splitter also added salt to the wound. When he discussed this with the customer, there was a short moment of laughter as the customer jokingly said he was having trust issues with where she bought the antenna from. Ninos told her that the manufacturer was telling her the truth.

Going back to business, Ninos’ first recommendation was to, of course, replace the corroded cables with new ones. This will ensure that the signal transmission is smooth. He also installed a new masthead amplifier and a 6-way splitter to completely solve the problem. After wrapping up the installation, Ninos tested the signal strength and TV image quality. They were all clear and in high-definition.

The TV images seem like they were freed from a curse and the customer was very happy with Ninos’ magic. He’s not a fairy but one of our best TV antenna guys in Mount Annan! It was such a good afternoon for a cup of tea. Ninos received heaps of thanks from the customer.

If you are located in Mount Annan and are having issues with your TV reception, we have local antenna guys like Ninos who are always ready to assist. We can do a quick TV antenna health check for free! Hurry up and book an appointment today as the earliest available dates run out quickly! Dial 13 11 49 and get started!

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