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31st December, 2022

Extra TV Point Installation in Raceview, QLD

Every one of us has his way of retreating from life’s exhaustion. May it be from work, maintaining our homes, managing a business, and all sorts of stuff. Stress comes in every direction and most of the time, it is unavoidable. Whenever we feel exhausted, there’s always a mandatory need for time out. A refreshing vacation or just a few days off without thinking about anything that’s job or business-related is truly a lifesaver. It’s a perfect way to come back and start fresh.

Relaxation comes in many forms and it is such a perfect solution to weariness. For some, vacations and getaways help them unwind but for some people, staying at home with their families or even alone already is sufficient. Tell you what, watching TV in the bedroom is just an awesome form of leisure. So, is it possible to watch TV in your room with perfect TV reception? Well, with the right work and a trusted antenna company, it surely is!

Let’s have another story from one of our customers in Raceview. We got a website inquiry from the customer saying she needed an extra TV point in his bedroom. She said that she grew an interest in watching TV lately. She also added that since she started working again in the office, it suddenly feels weird and sometimes, a bit more draining. Can’t blame her, though! It’s normal to feel adjustments and it’s safe to say that everyone does. Going back, we gladly informed her that installing TV points is one of the things we do. For us who’ve been one of the most trusted antenna companies in Australia, it’s normal to get a hefty number of extra TV point installation requests daily. Being the best at what we do, we are always happy to put smiles on our customers’ faces by doing work that delivers quality results.

One of our professional antenna techs in Raceview, Jeff, went to install an extra TV point as per the customer’s request. Before she was happy with just enjoying an episode of I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here in her living room but ever since she’s got pretty hooked up with the show, she wanted to extend her watching experience to the bedroom. She said it had become her peace and comfort after a long day at work. Sometimes, life at work can be hard to deal with hooray to everyone who’s thriving! We all deserve a little reward for ourselves and that is completely alright, mate.

Jeff carefully drilled holes in the customer’s plaster wall and neatly arranged the wirings from the antenna to the 32-inch TV on top of the shelf. The customer likes it classic so she can have it. The customer was very happy with how clear the images were after Jeff tested them. What surprised the customer more was that it only took Jeff less than an hour to complete the job. She honestly thought it would last two to three hours tops but life is just full of surprises. It was all bliss and praise for Jeff for his excellent work. Now, the customer can enjoy all her well-loved shows without a fuss! Smells like someone’s going to binge-watch some shows. Hope you won’t be late for work, mate!

Need an extra TV point in the bedroom? Our team of professional tv point installers in Raceview can help you. We have amazing techs ready to help you anytime! Call us today on 13 11 49 and let’s schedule an appointment. Hurry!

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