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30th November, 2022

New Antenna Installed in Wynn Vale solves Pixelation Problem

Dealing with TV reception issues should be one of the last things one should worry about. Nobody wants to freak out about not being able to watch their favourite shows because come on, we all deserve to unwind a little bit, right? We consider all the tiny pleasures that make us happy, a reward after a fatiguing day. It’s important for our well-being which is why we should also find things or activities that will make us happy. Unfortunately, it was quite the opposite for one of our customers in Wynn Vale as she felt stressed because her TV suddenly stopped working. Let’s find out the cause.

Sue, a customer of ours from Wynn Vale, called us one-morning seeking help with a pixelation problem on her television. You read that right. Three televisions of hers had pixelation problems all at the same time. Ever since these TVs were set up, she said she never had any problems with TV channels previously. On a quick chat with her, she said the set-up was installed a couple of years ago. Looks like you already know where we are going. Our customer care team booked her an appointment with one of our antenna technicians.

One of our TV antenna experts in Wynn Vale, Ron, visited the customer’s residence to install a new antenna. He quickly inspected the antenna, fly lead cables and the TVs. After checking everything, it all came down to one resolution; to replace the existing antenna with a new one. This was already the best option because one, the old antenna had broken masts and two, it was already out of date. Note, it was mostly a pixelation problem that affected her bedroom. Well, this was what troubles her because she watches television in her bedroom most of the time.

To resolve the issue, Ron installed a new, digital antenna for the customer and fixed the wirings leading to the televisions. He had to make sure there were no loose connections so that the signal transmission will not be interrupted at all. Remember that it is pivotal to keep these cables neat and organized all the time as they also ensure optimal signal transmission from the aerial to the TVs. Ron was able to finish and check all the performances of the televisions. It was awesome to see how the TV images improved a lot and seem as good as new.

The customer was glad about the results but still had a bit of worry about the reception problems coming back in the future. Nevertheless, we assured her that if the antenna does not perform well, we can always be back to fix it as we had it covered by a five-year warranty. She felt relieved and gave thanks to Ron and our team. It gave her peace of mind and we were also really happy to help the customer relax.

You should solve your TV reception problems as soon as possible. If you’re having trouble with TV pixelation, our team of antenna guys in Wynn Vale are always available and ready to help. Get your money’s worth by ensuring your TV antennas have a warranty. One year? Two? Five? We offer even a lifetime warranty! We got them all for you! Take your head off your worries and call us today on 13 11 49 for more info!

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