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15th November, 2022

Poor TV Reception in the Suburbs

Technology has kicked in almost every part of the world. Though, in some places, preserving tradition and sticking to the old ways is just standard. If you seek places that are far from the city, there are a lot of suburbs in Australia that will give you that country vibes. However, like anything else, living in the bush has pros and cons. Some pros are you get your perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, less noise, much fresher air, and more serenity. For some Aussies, one con of living in bushy areas is poor TV reception.

It’s too much of a struggle because accessing free-to-air channels is very limited and worse, none! Tell you what, this is not a rare occurrence. Country people are especially the ones who suffer the most from it. We get lots of calls from customers outside the city saying that they lost some or all channels, TV images pixelating, and all other TV reception-related stuff. Take this customer experience in Fairfield Heights.

The customer said he was having recurring reception issues since they moved in a month earlier. This was so frequent that it already became just a usual thing they had to deal with daily. They said these reception issues have almost become normal and they just wait for them to go away. It was the same thing over and over until one day, the customer decided that he had enough. Talk about a twist! He called us to set an appointment with one of our antenna specialists in Fairfield Heights.

We sent Daniel, one of our TV antenna experts in Fairfield Heights, to visit the customer and investigate how he could end their endless reception problems. Nobody deserves to watch pixelated TV and it’s our job to make TV antennas work at their optimum performance. And so Daniel started inspecting the TV antenna to see if the problem is there but guess what? Surprises, surprises! The antenna was one of the problems but there was more than meets the eye. Daniel recommended installing an antenna booster as this will practically improve the signal strength and quality.

For areas that don’t get good signal transmission due to bad locations, having a TV antenna alone is sometimes not sufficient. To solve the problem, a TV antenna booster is highly recommended. Draw a picture of your favourite hero in your head and think about what powers them up. It will seem like Popeye’s spinach and Lightning McQueen’s nitro. Other than the fact that it will expand your antenna’s signal reception, installing a TV antenna boosts the signal transmission of the antenna to the TVs in the house. Thus, providing a better-quality signal and more crisp images. This will get rid of those pixelated images you deal with every day.

For some people, one question is, “Does installing a TV antenna booster work?” Well, as long as it is installed properly, the answer’s a big, fat YES. Ensure that you call professionals that are equipped with the correct knowledge and skills about how to install an antenna booster properly.

Daniel was able to complete the task in less than an hour. As we said, picking the right people to do the job is pivotal as this will determine the success of the job. Installing a TV antenna booster practically solved the customer’s unending reception hitches. They were able to get all the free-to-air channels that they previously didn’t have and the TV images turned crystal clear. The customer and his family were more than happy with the results. They said it was perfect to entrust us to do the job.

You don’t need to settle for a poor TV signal. We have several solutions that will fit your needs and the best thing is that we cover almost every corner of Australia! [5] If you’re having TV reception problems, call us now and we’ll be there for you! Dial 131149 for assistance!

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