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3rd May, 2021

Analog Antenna Replaced with Digital Antenna in Surry Hills

Old Analog Antenna Not Up To The Job

We received a call from a customer in Surry Hills.
Their old analog antenna was installed in a roof cavity and was no longer good enough for the job.

When our technician attended the site, his signal meter was returning high signal-strength readings, but very poor quality. After discussion with the client, it was decided that the best solution would be to install a new digital Matchmaster antenna externally—i.e. on the roof instead of inside the roof cavity—using a premium universal mount. Such mounts are ideal for terracotta roof tiles.

In addition to the antenna, our technician installed a 24db gain amplifier with built-in 4G filtering.
Using an amplifier was crucial for this job due to the long distances the signal had to travel from the antenna to the TV in this two storey building.

Once the installation was complete, a fresh set of readings were taken to ensure a high-quality outcome.
The new signal readings speak for themselves with above-average signal strength and high-quality MER readings.


Finding the best match

Our technicians will take into consideration what antenna is required,which transmitter that we need to align the antenna to, all to ensure that we will provide the strongest and clearest signal. Items like external interference, 4G interference from telephone towers and mobile phones, and the correct mounting position on the roof will provide the most cosmetic and ergonomic installation possible.

Once we’ve selected the correct antenna, we will then install the antenna to the desired location, test all components in the antenna system and then finally tune the tvs in the home to the correct settings.Installations may vary across different types of homes, weather the roof is a tile roof, a colorbond roof or even a flat roof.

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