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29th November, 2022

Annoying Bird Problem solved by Mr Antenna Technician in Campbelltown

Birds are a small problem until they start interrupting your peaceful sleep at night. In the case of TV antennas, the bird problem is worse if they’re already causing TV reception problems. It’s a common occurrence for birds to perch on antennas because they look like branches, well at least for birds! They wouldn’t know, right? As much as we’d like to keep them away from antennas, they just won’t go away. What’s good is that we have a solution that comes in handy. Let’s have a look at this customer’s experience in Campbelltown, NSW. These birds stressed him highly, particularly when they started messing up with his TV reception already.

A few days back, we met the customer and we felt his annoyance with the birds. He wanted to deal with the birds safely so he decided to call for bird-proofing experts in Campbelltown. Luckily, Mr Antenna came across his searches. Just a bit of a background story, being surrounded by an abundance of trees, it was quite natural for the customer to deal with birds daily. But just a few days earlier, they made it a habit of perching on the TV antenna, the reason why some channels started to pixelate and worse, these channels get lost one by one. He wanted this to stop as it was very stressful and time-consuming.

To help solve his problem, our customer care team looked for the earliest availability of a technician. Nathan, one of Mr Antenna’s local antenna technicians in Campbelltown, went to the customer’s home to install bird spikes on the TV antenna. This solved the problem because it will be too uncomfortable for the birds to land on a bed of thorns—literally. It was the wisest solution as the customer’s budget was just enough and of course, this was such a harmless way to deal with the birds.

The customer was a softie and did not want to cause any harm to the birds so he felt relieved about installing the bird spikes. After completing the installation, the television was re-tuned and all the channels were restored accordingly. They were all as good as new and the TV images are now pixel-free. The customer can enjoy watching his favourite shows and of course, he was able to redeem his peaceful sleep at night. This was what it was all about in the first place! He thanked Nathan and Mr Antenna for the neat work.

Thought our excellence was over? Not yet, mate! A week later after Nathan did the job, we advised the customer to monitor if the birds will still pester the antenna. Thankfully, they learned that the TV antenna is far from being a tree branch. These spikes are not playing and are doing their job very, very well! Kudos, spikes! We have done it again!

Birds are harmless creatures and no one out there wants to hurt them. However, if they are already causing your TV reception to play up, it’s best to deal with them safely and effectively. We got bird spikes as a solution! If birds are causing your reception troubles today, call Mr Antenna today for bird spikes installation for TV antennas! Our friendly techs will help you restore your peaceful sleep in no time. Dial 13 1149 today and we’ll do the job done!

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