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Antenna Installation Service Out In Henley Beach-1

27th November, 2021

Antenna Installation Service Out In Henley Beach

A customer called Mr Antenna for an antenna installation service in Henley Beach. As a wedding gift to his wife, Scott had their new home built with a pool-side cabana and was in need of an outdoor TV installation.

We all have different means of relaxation but more often than not one of those ways includes watching television. So just imagine the level of leisure you can experience when you are swimming in a pool whilst watching your favourite TV shows. Ray, one of our local heroes, made sure to help Scott and his wife achieve their perfect home in no time at all.

Without a second wasted, Ray started the job by inspecting the outdoor area. He gave a reasonable quote for the work needing to be done and Scott agreed as it was a fair price and wouldn’t break the bank. Ray then installed a log-periodic antenna made by the local Australian manufacturer, Matchmaster. Matchmaster antennas have always been a good choice for many households as it is an antenna brand of excellent quality.

Ray mounted the antenna on a metal-roof bracket and put it carefully on the shed roof behind the cabana. Scott’s wife requested that Ray completely conceal the antenna from view in the backyard. This makes the view picturesque, without an antenna sticking up in the way. And who would want their Instagram pics ruined, right?

A Completely Concealed Installation

And what’s the point of hiding the antenna from sight if the cables are still an eyesore? Ray also took care of the cable management. All the cables running from the antenna to the TV were hidden from view. After taking care of everything from antenna installation to cable concealment in Henley Beach, Ray performed a signal check.

The signal levels measured to an impressive 69 dB microvolts, with exceptionally good MER, BER and C/N ratings. Note that having high figures on these ratings mean that the reception is performing exceptionally. Issues like signal loss, pixelation, and interference will be slim to none.

After the amazing job Ray did, Scott and his wife were very happy with the results. Here at Mr Antenna, we make sure you are happy. If you want to replace your old antenna, install a new one or fix your reception issues, call 13 11 49 or click here for a FREE quote for antenna services in Henley Beach! Our experts will know exactly what you need. Hurry and talk to us NOW!

Antenna Installation Service Out In Henley Beach-2
Couple's Entertainment Goals Achieved
Antenna Installation Service Out In Henley Beach-1
A Perfectly Placed And Concealed Antenna

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