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relocated antenna

6th May, 2024

Giving Way for Solar Panels; Antenna Relocation Story in Bardia

Welcome to another blog exploring the importance of strategically relocating your antenna for solar panel installation!

The Antenna-Solar Panel Dilemma

There is no doubt in the amount of household in Bardia that installs solar panels because the benefits of having them are undeniably incredible. However, how do the newly installed solar panels affect the king that has been existing on the roof- the antenna?

The Challenge of Electromagnetic Interference

Most households experience reception issues after installing solar panels and notice a performance change in their antennas. These problems are caused by Electromagnetic Interference (EMI).

Recently, a homeowner in Bardia, NSW had the same dilemma when they decided to install their solar panels. They are concerned about its possible effect on their TV. Easy solution? Contact experts to have it checked.

Addressing Reception Issues in Bardia, NSW

The customer immediately contacted the most trusted antenna company in Australia, Mr. Antenna.

Mr. Antenna promptly went to the site to discuss the homeowner’s concern which is to relocate the antenna to keep its optimal performance even with the new solar panels present.

Daniel’s Expertise in Action

The technician, Daniel, sprang into action, swiftly assessing the situation. Using his antenna’s signal-testing device, he meticulously scanned the roof, pinpointing areas where signals wouldn’t be obstructed.

Following the thorough inspection, Daniel wasted no time; he promptly relocated the existing antenna to the optimal position on the roof of their double-story house. With his years of expertise and precision, Daniel ensured that the customer’s antenna would maintain peak performance for many years to come.

Your Antenna Experts

In conclusion, strategic antenna relocation is very important for better and secured signal reception when you have solar panels installed. With proper expert guidance, homeowners like those in Bardia, NSW can ensure uninterrupted connectivity and maximize the benefits of both solar energy and reliable TV.

Whether you are in Bardia, planning to relocate your antenna for your solar panels, or just looking to preserve the performance of your antenna for years to come, don’t hesitate to reach out to Mr Antenna. Call us now at 13 11 49!

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