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16th November, 2022

Sudden Reception Issues

Sudden Reception Issues

Ever wondered what causes sudden reception issues? Reception issues are caused by several different factors. Some variables that top the list are displacement of the antenna, weather conditions, and old age, and there are even cases where the causes can be undetected for quite some time. This leaves you confused because you can’t see the problem with your bare eyes. We highly recommend the help of antenna professionals in cases like this.

There are several professional antenna specialists in Australia but take our word, there are selected experts that are the top tier in terms of quality of service and course, prices! Not all individuals can afford expensive rates for a quick antenna fix so to stay on top of the game, it’s important to offer affordable antenna installation and other services that do not compromise the quality of work provided. Now, let’s talk about why reception issues happen and how to solve them.

A mysterious issue!

We got a service call from a customer in Melbourne having TV reception issues. She was facing problems viewing her TV channels. Also, the images ware pixelated. It has truly become problematic for the customer because one, he wasn’t sure what causes it and two, he doesn’t know how to fix it. The last time she checked, she had a new antenna installed just a month earlier. It was very stressful for her because all of them in the family love football and missing some games was such a bummer.

Cases like this already call for professional assistance. And so we had Stuart, one of our TV antenna guys in Melbourne, check what’s going on with the customer’s TV reception. It was true that the customer’s TV antenna was new. Stuart then proceeded to check the cabling connection and there was the culprit. The root problem was water getting into the cable. 

Mr. Antenna to the rescue!

An interesting cause of why TV reception gets bad is water egress. A more common thing is water ingress; an instance when water goes into a property. Water egress is simply the opposite. This is when water comes out from a specific object, building, etc. True enough, Water egress can cause your reception to play up. This is most likely to happen if you have external cabling and it occurs when the balun or the old splitter has been exposed to various elements; most commonly rain.

Your TV antenna catches water and funnels it through the old coaxial cable space. Not only does it restrict signal strength and quality, but it also rusts out connections and connectors; tarnishing the copper in the coax. This now calls for complete antenna, cable and splitter replacements. Water and metal are just not a good duo!  

Given that the customer’s antenna was new and did not need some fixing, Stuart changed the cables and reconnected them to the antenna. Still, he recommended calling a plumber to check if there are more serious water leakages in the house. Stuart can only deal with antennas and electricity that’s why Jason Momoa was Aquaman. Just kidding, Stu!

On a serious note, it’s important to have your cables checked if need be. If you know the root cause precisely, your reception issues can be fixed easily. Not being able to pinpoint it right away could lead to unwanted expenses for repairs that shouldn’t have been done in the first place. If you think you’re experiencing the same issue, now is the time to call a local antenna guy nearby.

Call us today and set an appointment with one of our antenna technicians in Melbourne. You might not realize where your reception issues are coming from, so it’s best to solve them as early as today. Dial 13 11 49 or book an appointment here for FREE!

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