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14th December, 2022

Antenna Upgrade for a customer in St Albans

Time is not always good news for everyone and everything. Everything gets old and frail over the years. Sometimes, even if you deliberately take care of something, it will lose its quality and efficiency as the days go by. This is pretty normal but of course, we should hold on to things as long as we can; especially if they still serve their purpose. Maybe this is us being practical but it is not a bad idea after all! Just like everything else that gets old and dysfunctional through the years, TV antennas are not an exemption.

Wherever you are located; whether it’s near your local transmission tower or not, it is necessary to get a digital antenna if you want to have access to local free-to-air channels. This is the most cost-efficient and best way to get these channels. If you already have an antenna that can pick up these channels, then good for you. Now, do you need an antenna upgrade? That depends on its quality and strength. If you have an old antenna that already starts to malfunction because it is not able to receive proper signals, then the answer is yes. If your TV antenna starts to give you anxiety because you lose channels constantly, we highly suggest an antenna upgrade. Take this customer’s experience in St Albans.

Ten years ago, he and his family decided to settle in this beautiful neighbourhood in St Albans. At that time, having a digital antenna was not a customary preference. Getting an analogue one, for as long as it picks up the channel, was pretty standard. A few of these antennas still work up to date but some have mediocre quality, have already failed or are failing. Given how to channel quality gets better each day, TV antennas are meant to keep up. The customer rang us to finally improve their watching experience by getting a new, digital TV antenna.

Nathan, one of our local antenna guys in St Albans, went to fulfil the customer’s request. During his inspection, he addressed a few, notable issues. First was, of course, the antenna’s age. The antenna had been sitting on the roof for ten, long years and in all honesty, this was not the kind that has excellent quality. Other than this, the old antenna was installed upside down, causing rainwater to get into the balun. Thus, aggravating the reception issues experienced by the customer. Talk about a complete mess during the installation process!

To get rid of the issue, Nathan installed a premium VHF antenna for the customer and recommended it be mounted a little higher to get an optimised signal output. Thus, a longer mast was necessary to finalize the setup. Nathan first consulted if this was alright with the customer. The customer had no objections and let Nathan take care of everything. Nathan went on with the plan of action and was able to finish the installation in just less than two hours. The customer thanked Nathan and our team for the seamless work.

Nothing is wrong about wanting to preserve things as long as possible. It’s economical! However, there comes a point when we already need to level up our equipment. If you need a replacement for an old antenna, we got a wide range of antenna selections you can choose from. Our antenna guys are the experts you need for a smooth installation. Call us now on 13 11 49 and let’s assess your antenna health for FREE!

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