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Antenna Upgrade for Friends Watching State of Origin in Saint Clair

29th July, 2022

Antenna Upgrade in Saint Clair

Antenna Upgrade in Saint Clair, NSW

Isn’t it funny how friendships can start in so many different ways? We sometimes meet people unexpectedly and funnily enough the next thing you know you’ve become good friends. It is super wonderful how amazing bonds and relationships start with small talk, experience blowups, but true enough, come back together bonding over common interests.

Every day, our team gets to know amazing people by hearing their stories. And we tell you this, it is one of the best parts of our day. Not long ago, one of our local antenna guys met a group of friends who shared a common hobby which was watching the State of Origin together. We helped the host who was facing trouble with his TV reception.

Helping a customer who was experiencing TV reception issues

After speaking to our Customer Care Team, Craig, a local Mr. Antenna team member was booked to go to a townhouse in Saint Clair, NSW to help a customer who was experiencing TV reception issues. His house was where all the neighbors were coming to watch the game. Three nights earlier, all of his TVs had started acting weird. They had been fine only a week ago. Some were losing channels while others still had some channels. In addition, the picture was pixelated and the image quality was all fuzzy and quite unstable.

It was such a bummer for him with the State of Origin looming. So the issue needed to be sorted out by us as quickly as possible. He gave us a call to find the next available date for the Tech to come out. Our Customer Care Team was able to book the customer in for the next day.

Craig, one of our local antenna techs in Saint Clair, NSW, went to help out. A big antenna was to be inspected. Without wasting any time, he immediately inspected the condition of the antenna and all of the necessary cabling. According to his findings, the old antenna was performing to its full potential but was also picking up a high LTE rating which was interfering with the TV signal.

Though the TV was okay, it was outdated. As a result, was not able to pick up a strong signal from the local transmitter. The antenna also had an amplifier, but unfortunately, it was also not up for the job any longer. Craig explained these issues to the customer and recommended that he upgrade the old antenna and amplifier to a new, digital ultra-high frequency antenna and digital amplifier.

How did the technician help?

Firstly, Craig offered the type that has a built-in 4G/5G filter. This will filtrate all the unwanted 4G/5G signals that may possibly interfere with the signal transmission. After explaining the additional specs and features of our UHF antennas and MatchMaster amplifiers, the customer agreed and let Craig take care of the necessary adjustments. After settling everything, he started off by removing the old antenna from its brackets. This made way for the new bad boy. It was a lengthy process.

After doing the job, he then connected the new antenna to a three-way splitter for the three TVs in the house. He finished all the necessary arrangements and connected the wiring from the antennas to all the TVs. Finally, Craig checked the signal strength of each TV. The power readings of 75 to 85 on all channels and signal rating of 35 to 36 showed how successful the installation was.

In addition, the LTE levels dropped from 80 5DB to 10 DB. This was a big improvement for the signal. The main goal was to ensure that the previous LTE readings dropped drastically. The customer also had to ensure having an updated antenna. It was thrilling for the customer and his friends to know that they will be able to continue watching their all-time favorite game the State of Origin. Such a nice way to spend the weekend. Thanks to Craig and Mr. Antenna!

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Antenna Upgrade for Friends Watching State of Origin in Saint Clair
Antenna Upgrade for Friends Watching State of Origin in Saint Clair

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