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22nd December, 2022

Birds Perching on Antenna Causes Pixelation Issues

Birds are creatures who play a vital role in maintaining the equilibrium in the ecosystem. Seeing them wandering peacefully in the skies is such bliss. However, there are cases when birds become a menace, especially to TV antennas. It’s natural for them, but for us, it’s a bit of a nuisance. It’s like they’re too drunk to realize that antennas are not trees. But that is what they are and vodka is just a great buddy. There’s no solid connection between the two but both make sense anyway. Aye.

It’s not unusual for us to get calls from customers who get annoyed by birds that are robbing their sleep at night. They come to us seeking solutions for birds perching on their antennas and we are proud always to have solutions on the go. A week back, one of our newest addition to the team, Major, went to help a customer out in Brighton. As great as his name, what he saw when he arrive was truly a major problem for the customer. The antenna masts had already given up because they can’t withstand the weight of the birds. There’s power in numbers so a fallen antenna is not surprising to see.

The customer said that other than the pixelation this has brought to her TV, the disturbance these birds cause at night is disastrous. She has been dealing with it for the last couple of months and she knew it needed to stop. She feels a bit bad as she thought they would go away on their own but it turns out these birds aren’t quitters. The customer just had enough and decided to call Mr Antenna for help. Major had done a few inspections to check the antenna’s physical condition. The results both had positive and negative sides—due to its old and frail state, it became very timely for an antenna replacement.

Major suggested changing the old and failing antenna as it won’t last long even after repairing for now. The customer didn’t think twice as she agreed that the antenna had already been sitting on their roof for many years. She gave it a go to install the new antenna. Major installed a brand new, premium Australian-made antenna and in addition to that, bird spikes were installed on top to keep birds away in the most harmless way possible. For sure they’re not Bon Jovi to lay on a bed of nails so yeah. Bye for now, birds! After completing the installation, the customer extended her thanks to Major for such flawless work within the perfect time frame. She called us three days later saying it felt nice to have an amazing sleep back at night! Huge shout out to Major!

If birds keep troubling you over and over, now is the time to end this ordeal. Nobody wants pixelated TV images and unending antenna reception interruptions. Our team will dedicate to solving these problems for you. Give us a ring today at 131149 and we’ll send only our best antenna technicians near your area!

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