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Get Your Antenna Upgraded Today!-2

30th December, 2021

Get Your Antenna Upgraded Today!

Are you experiencing reception issues? To have a smooth TV signal experience, it’s important, you have an upgraded antenna that will provide you with both longevity and signal. Therefore, installing a new VHF antenna might solve your problem. With Mr. Antenna, new antennas and expert installations in Northcote are just a single call away. Go get your antenna upgraded today!

We sent out Mr. Antenna’s expert installer, John, to help a customer receiving poor TV reception in Northcote, Victoria. After inspecting and analyzing the issue, John installed a new MA612V-5 Australian-made antenna on the customer’s existing roof mount.

Besides this, Mr. Antenna also installed a mass extension to gain more height, ensuring better service without any interference.

As seen in the photos, there is a clear difference in height between these two antennas. Comparatively, Mr. Antenna’s new digital VHF antenna is a lot higher and sturdier than the customer’s previous antenna, helping with both longevity and signal.

Finally, the signals boost tremendously after the work. The client was very satisfied and was happy to have found Mr. Antenna on the internet.

For having a smooth TV signal experience it’s important to ensure that your antenna works properly. As such, Installing a new VHF antenna might solve your problem.

Experiencing reception issues? Call us on 13 11 49 and get your antenna upgraded today!

Get Your Antenna Upgraded Today!-1
The Old Antenna
Get Your Antenna Upgraded Today!-2
The New and Thus Improved

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