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11th August, 2020

Helping the Shrine of Remembrance, ANZAC Day Dawn Service

It was a rare honour when the Shrine of Remembrance rang us for some technical help. They needed help related to the ANZAC Day Dawn Service.

We needed to ensure they had crystal clear TV signals at all the in-house TV terminals. The team at the Shrine needs this to ensure the ANZAC Day Dawn Service broadcast runs smoothly.

One of our commercial clients recommended us to the Victorian Shrine of Remembrance when they needed help with their television signal.

Due to Covid-19, this year’s ANZAC memorial would be different. They required a way to review the broadcast that the public would watch on their home televisions.

This particular job came with a few challenges:

  • The Shrine is an imposing stone structure, which can make it difficult to get a clear picture
  • It is a very special heritage building and one must take due care when installing equipment on the exterior.
  • The placement of the antenna must ensure a crisp TV signal without affecting the beauty of the building; in fact, we wanted the antenna to be completely invisible to visitors

We certainly had our work cut out for us but delighted to take on the challenge. Our techs Joseph and Mario rose to the occasion, dropping all other work to help at an institution that holds such a special place in the hearts of all Australians.

The existing antenna was no good and required a total replacement

We received a great reception from our MrAntenna branded MA612 Antenna; a 100% Australian made antenna with a lifetime warranty. This Aussie made product, therefore, was the perfect choice for the iconic Aussie Shrine.

The signal was passed from the rooftop all the way to the basement—resulting in no loss of signal strength along the way. At the basement level, the signal was split up and distributed to each of the many television outlets on this level.

As a result, the staff, volunteers, diggers, and technicians manning the shrine can watch the Dawn Memorial Service on Saturday and make sure that the broadcast transmits correctly.

It was such a deep pleasure to help out the Shrine and be a part of the behind the scenes team that helps make the ANZAC Day Dawn Service run smoothly on this important day.

The payment for this job was not money,  but it was our honour that Mr Antenna could help.

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