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17th November, 2022

New Antenna for a New House? Super!

New Antenna for a New House

Moving into a new house is a total shaker. This is where we get a lot of mixed feelings—from being nervous, excited, a bit scared, but of course, happy! This is such a huge milestone in anyone’s life so if you are already at that point, you need to give yourself a nice tap on your shoulder. You deserve an amazing bottle of champagne at your housewarming party!

Life is hard, but it still has a lot of beautiful parts that are worthy of our appreciation. What comes with having a new home is adding elements to make it more elegant and personal. If you’re reading this now, come and have a look at our customer’s story in Heckenberg.

A new change

It was a warm Friday afternoon when our customer care team received a call from a customer who needed a new antenna installed in Heckenberg. She was a nice lady who just moved into her new home. She was originally from Newcastle but it was this year when she decided to finally get a new house and she thought Heckenberg is where she was supposed to build her dream.

Nothing ever goes wrong with passion and dreams as she was able to find that perfect spot she was looking for here. The house was in a lovely neighbourhood that was a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. Her lovely home has a garden in front that surely takes away your exhaustion as you lay your eyes on the stunning plants and flowers. Our lady sure has a green thumb!

A new mission for Mr Antenna

Let’s get down to business. Off Craig goes, our local antenna guy in Heckenberg to install a new antenna for the customer. He carefully inspected the roof and checked the signal strength. After making sure everything was all good and ready for the antenna, he explained what his recommended antenna was and how it was perfect for the customer. We forgot to mention earlier how the customer’s home was just a few kilometres away from the transmitter; so this made the job a lot easier than it should be.

Good news for Craig! Craig offered our bestselling MA612V-5 antenna to the customer and laid out the pros of the antenna. Our MA612v-5 is made of heavy-duty elements and perfectly picks up free-to-air channels that are free from pixelation! After settling everything, Craig finally installed the antenna and pointed it towards the direction facing the local transmitter.

He neatly placed it on a tin roof mount, avoiding getting shaken by winds and maintaining stability for years. The customer also wanted a new TV point installed as they have just removed Foxtel. Then he connected the antenna to the new tv point in the customer’s living space.

After the installation, the field strength meter showed healthy power ratings of 65 to 75 and signal readings of 33 to 36 on all channels. Craig also re-tuned the customers’ TV to pick up updated free-to-air channels. Overall, it was a seamless installation that only took less than two hours. The customer was very happy with the results and said her kids were all excited as they could watch TV again—after their homework! The customer thanked Craig and our team as she was able to get two services for a reasonable price.

It’s our promise, so we plan to keep it that way. Having a new home is exciting and fulfilling. If you need a new antenna in Heckenberg or other places in New South Wales, then we’re ready to meet you! We offer several antenna services that you can choose from.

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