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29th November, 2022

New Home Gets a New Antenna and TV Point Installed in Doonside

Getting a new home is such a huge step in life. It’s a major dream that takes a lot to come true but once it does, it surely is such a blissful feeling. Starting from scratch is okay because this is where good things sprout from. A few weeks earlier, we met a customer who was just beginning his life in Doonside. He always dreamt of having his own home. Now that he completed his dream house, he felt like he was slowly reaching the peak of success.

It was very nice to hear his story. It was a double-story, contemporary-style home. The design is very neat and minimalist. The customer wanted to finish setting up his home by the end of the month. He wanted to install all the necessary devices he needed. He gave our customer care team a buzz because there was one piece that was missing— an antenna. This was when Mr Antenna came to the rescue! Craig, our resident antenna technician in Doonside went to help the customer out.

Given that it was a newly-built home, it did not have an existing antenna and some tv points yet. This was the exact reason why the customer immediately looked for antenna and tv point installers in Doonside. He wanted to find professional guys who can do the job as quickly and smoothly as possible. Well, that’s us! Time to start the job. To make sure the customer’s TV will pick up F2A channels, Craig installed a new, premium Very High Frequency (VHF) antenna for the customer. This was the perfect antenna for the customer as it is made only from high-quality elements that are sure to last for many, many years.

A strong new antenna for the new home was mandatory to get updated, clear, and non-pixelated channels. It must have the capacity to get only the best signals for an amazing viewing experience. To be a little extra and make sure the antenna will get the maximum signal it can have, Craig also installed a new Matchmaster amplifier. This was upon the customer’s approval. Afterwards, he connected the newly installed amplifier to a four-way splitter to maintain the balance in signal transmission among the multiple televisions the in the different rooms of the house.

Guy’s an avid fan of watching TV, so yes. He bought four TVs for his new home. It’s vital to note that when there’s a disparity between the signal distribution among the devices, not all of them will function effectively. Craig had to make sure did not happen in the long run.
After he completed the installation and tested if the signals pass, which they did with flying colours, the customer was very glad to call us to complete the job for him. Finally, another huge step was accomplished in completing his dream home. He was very thankful for the neat transaction and said there was a reason why we are truly one of the best. Well, it’s important not to disappoint our lovely customers so we see to it we are always at optimum!

Building a new home is a huge stepping stone to success. This is where great things start. Customizing it depending on your preference surely is a must! If you need help with setting up a new antenna at home, we are the perfect guys to ask for help! Call us today for assistance. We offer a wide range of antennas you can choose from and a team of professional antenna installers all over Australia. Dial 131149 today and let us get you started! Free quote? It’s on us!

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