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Brand new blue boom antenna installed on a metal roof

31st December, 2022

Newly-renovated Home in Gordon Gets a New Antenna Installation

A Gordon Story

We all have a list of our ultimate goals in life. From tiny beginnings to big steps we take along our journey in life, all these make up who we are and who want to be. Graduating, getting married, moving into a new home, and other blissful things that we encounter are blessings that we have to be thankful for.

For all we know, house renovation is a huge milestone. This is an indicator of how far along we have improved our way of life. Such a good feeling, isn’t it? We met a customer who had just bought a new home in Gordon. Let’s have a look at his story below.

Perfect TV Reception calls for a New Antenna Installation!

A few days earlier, this customer called Mr Antenna to help him set up his newly-bought TV. After almost three long months, his home renovation just ended. Now he wants to top it off by having a television with perfect reception in the living room. He and his family are massive fans of watching tv and they don’t want to break this habit.

He called us asking if we have a new antenna installation in Gordon and we gladly informed him that we have technicians available near him. Our customer care team went ahead with booking the customer two days later.

Craig, the Local Antenna Hero

Our CCT booked the job under Craig, basically one of our local TV antenna guys in Gordon, who went to do the job for the customer. A quick inspection revealed that the current antenna was very old and had almost given up. The poor antenna needs its retirement and it was just right to give him that. No worries, antenna. You deserve to rest!

Craig discussed the pros of replacing the old antenna with the customer and since he was happy with the cost, the installation proceeded as standard. Craig installed a new MA612V-5 Australian-made antenna and placed it in a good location on the roof. The antenna will be able to pick up the strongest signal possible.

Not only he succeeded with the new antenna installation, but also Craig tested the signal quality by performing a signal check on the TV. From the previous poor signal rating, comparatively, it went up to an impressive 65-75 dB reading. The customer was very glad about the results and said everything was now perfect. He couldn’t thank us enough for doing a job well done. The next day, he rang us again to leave a positive review for both Craig and Mr Antenna.

Above all, one of the happiest feelings is being able to achieve one step ahead in life. Getting a new home and improving it is just one of life’s reminders of how far we already went on with our journey. If you need a new TV antenna as the cherry on top of your home renovation, we got the right guys to lend a hand.

Choose from the different services we offer! Need an antenna installation? We got it. Tv wall mounting or even installing an extra TV point? We have those, too! Visit our website or call us now on 13 11 49 and we’ll have one of our technicians in Gordon visit you. Don’t fret about call-out fees as we don’t charge any!

Brand new blue boom antenna installed on a metal roof

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