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29th November, 2022

Old Antenna Replacement in Hawthorn

Fighting for something we love, as long as it’s not bad or harmful in one or many ways, is beautiful. Keeping something that holds good memories is not a bad thing. This keeps a nice habit alive However, there is stuff that we surely need to let go of because they simply are not worth it any longer. May it be people or material things, if they are not deserving of your time, love and effort anymore, the best option is to simply loosen your grip and set them free. Hurts, but that’s just the way life works. Since when did this turn into a drama series? Jokes aside, when you got old electronics and they don’t work smoothly anymore, replacing them is not a bad thing! An old, analogue antenna is one of those things you need to replace today especially if it starts to malfunction slowly.

A customer from the suburb of Hawthorn, seemed like he was having a hard time letting go of his old antenna because he thought it could still work. At first, our customer thought that the TV only required retuning since only some of the channels were lost. However, this was not what our resident antenna technician in Hawthorn, Lee, recommended. At first glance, Lee already knew the culprit. The antenna (made up terms for granny and antenna, lol) is waving and asking for help. Lee went up the roof to assess its situation. Rusty masts, corroded cables and broken masts are just some of the few things that contribute to signal disruption in the TV. The antenna needed replacement.

Lee explained to the customer why it was necessary to upgrade to a digital antenna and the benefits of that come along with it. Aside from the fact that the old antenna does not have enough capacity to catch good signals, its range is now very limited which makes it hard for updated channels to come through. What worries the customer was the pricing, one of which we have a solution for. Lee showed the wide selection of antennas we have and honestly told the customer the costs. After picking the most suitable antenna that was within the customer’s budget, the installation went ahead as planned.

The customer was an avid fan of watching TV, and so he can’t risk losing his main form of entertainment. He agreed to Lee’s recommendation and let him do the work. Lee installed one of our best-selling antennas, the MA612V-5 antenna and placed it on an existing tin roof bracket. The installation was completed within the allotted time so after everything was set into place, Lee performed a signal check. The signals were impressive 63-65 dB readings which showed through the TV images. They were all free from pixelation and were all high definition. It was nice to see how happy the customer was with the outcome. He thanked Lee and told us he’ll recommend us to every friend he has who will need the same service.

Now is the right time to let go of your old, faulty, analogue antenna. It is way better to get rid of it now than let it cause you stressful issues later on. Call Mr Antenna today on 13 11 49 for digital antenna installation in Hawthorn! We have the best antenna guys in Australia you are looking for! Enquire from our awesome team of customer service staff about our list of the antenna and other services.

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