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31st December, 2022

Replacing an Old Antenna and a Faulty Booster in Victoria Point

When we were kids, whenever one of our toys get broken or is already old and outdated, we resort to getting a new one for replacement. It just makes us feel better and more comfortable. So what keeps you from replacing your old amplifier and antenna? Just like other devices, if these two are already too outdated and frail, they will cause your TV reception to act up badly.

Our antenna experts highly recommend checking these devices to make sure they will not cause any trouble to our TV reception. Remember, what you resolve today won’t cause any stress later. It is of paramount importance to get rid of tiny problems as early as possible. A happy life does not necessarily mean not having any stress at all. It is also being able to deal with them and get over them quickly.

Just a few days earlier, our team was requested to do a TV antenna replacement in Victoria Point. A customer needed help resolving his recurring reception issues. On a quick chat with him on the phone, he informed us how stressful his intermittent TV signal was. He was such a busy person that he almost doesn’t have the time to check on what was causing the problem.

However, he always loved watching TV as this was his way to destress. At that point, he already knew he needed help from antenna experts nearby. And so Lee, one of our local antenna heroes in Victoria Point, went to take the customer’s worries off once and for all.

When Lee arrived, it did not require too much inspection to see what’s the root of the problem. A duo of an old antenna and a faulty amplifier was the bad combo that causes the TV reception issues. All good things come to an end and at this point, both were already on their final days. A huge commendation to the customer though, as he tried to hold on to them for this long. There are things that we simply can’t let go of, can we? Lee explained what was causing the issue and suggested quick fixes to the customer.

After the customer’s approval, Lee did not waste any second and started installing a new MA612V-5 Australian-made antenna and replaced the faulty booster with a new MatchMaster amplifier. He also installed a new power supply along with the antenna and booster. This powerful trio will now secure stability in the signal flow from the antenna to the television. It took less than an hour to finish setting up the new antenna and amplifier with the TV and Lee knew they were ready to roll.

He did a quick check to make sure everything was in place. After seeing how the signal readings showed impressive figures of 72-74 dB, it was safe to say that the antenna and booster installation went well. The TV images were also crystal-clear, according to the customer. It seemed better even than the first time it was set up. Lee left the area with a huge thanks from the customer. He was very happy to choose us because of the quality work that we completed on the same day.

TV reception issues are no biggies if you know who to call for help. Do not settle for TV antenna repairs that are pricey but not done right. Always go for the most trusted, quality and affordable antenna company. We are Mr Antenna and we are always ready to assist you with all your antenna concerns! If you are experiencing reception troubles in Victoria Point or anywhere in Queensland, do not hesitate to give us a call! We have a team of lovely and friendly customer care team members who will help schedule an appointment for you. Dial 13 11 49 today on your phone and let’s start getting rid of your TV reception problems!

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