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1st December, 2022

Resident in St Marys Needed to Replace her Old Antenna

There are times when all we want to do on our rest day is lay down, think about random stuff or just do nothing at all. Tell you what, that’s pretty normal for everybody. We have several kinds of spending our free time and watching TV is mostly common for everyone. However, it sucks when all of a sudden, your TV starts having issues with reception, pixelates or suddenly, just stops working.

There are times when we can simply let this pass if it only happens one time but if these problems happen more often, that is when things get annoying. It could be stressful to deal with TV reception issues repeatedly. There is no better solution than to hire a professional antenna guy in the area who knows how to do the job right. It’s important to get someone that can fix these issues and prevent them from recurring as much as possible.

Two days earlier, it was a gloomy afternoon in the suburb of St. Mary’s, NSW when our resident antenna technician, Daniel, was called for an antenna replacement service. The customer called our company and informed us that she was not getting any channels and when she tried to turn her TV on, it only flashes “Check antenna”. She added that it wasn’t surprising that the TV would stop working because over the past weeks, she already started losing channels. She had to deal with pixelation issues for days and just hoped it will get better. It was then that she decided that her antenna already needs professional help. This doesn’t sound any better but we couldn’t put it some other way. Sorry, antenna!

Upon Daniel’s inspection, he concluded that the customer was correct as it was the old antenna that was at fault. Told you! The antenna truly needs help. To finally resolve the problem, it was pretty apparent that the house already needed an antenna upgrade. He installed a new, MA3651U-5 UHF Phased Array Antenna and a new amplifier for the customer.

This antenna is one of Mr Antenna’s best sellers and most picked as it offers strength and durability that truly lasts for years. It also picks up maximum signal strength that’s why pixelations and bad TV reception will surely be gone in sight. This was also the best pick for the customer because according to her, when her old antenna was first installed, it seemed like some channels were pixelating and the TV images were not “at their best”. These are the types of antennas that are good at first but lose their effectiveness more quickly than high-quality ones.

After the installation and a quick signal check performed by Daniel, the signal spiked to impressive readings of 71-73 dB. The customer also emphasized how better the TV images are now. The pixelated images she had to deal with for weeks were also gone like they never existed. It was another happy customer all thanks to Daniel’s expertise in antennas! The customer thanked Daniel for the smooth work and left such heartwarming feedback the next day.

We already have a lot on our plate and TV reception issues should not be one of them. Take them off your worry list and start hiring an antenna company with trained antenna technicians who know their assignment well. It’s possible to get rid of those TV reception issues. Call Mr Antenna today and we’ll sort them out! We have local antenna specialists in St Mary’s and almost anywhere in New South Wales! Dial 13 11 49 or check our list of services here.

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