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2nd December, 2022

Rusty, Water-filled Antenna Gets the Upgrade it Deserves

For all we know, our TV antenna is one of those things that has a lot of exposure—literally. Since they have such a boring role of standing on the roof for many years serving their purpose, they are most likely the ones that get damaged due to different elements—wind, dust, and even water. As small as the odds may be, water also causes TV antennas to malfunction or worse, break down. When steel gets too moist, it will surely rust over time. It may seem like a tiny problem but trust us when we say it is not. We got a call from one of our customers in Coorparoo a week earlier as she was having issues with her TV reception lately.

Spiros, our TV antenna expert in Coorparoo last week to install a new antenna for a customer. It was a nice, rented home and the customer was a very kind lady, too. The customer informed us that the reception issues started happening not very long ago and it just started getting worse.

Spiros performed a quick antenna health check and he concluded that the antenna was not capable anymore. Besides the fact that it’s very old, its analogue setup no longer works well. We confirmed this with the customer as according to her, the antenna had already been on the roof for as long as she can remember. Imagine not being able to remember how long you own something. That happens to all of us! This just shows how the antenna has been running its show for years and it was time to retire.

Other than this, another huge problem was water has gotten into the antenna and run through the cable. To be fair, antennas can still work even if they’re old but if water creeps into it, this is most like what will end the antenna. The more moisture antenna acquires, the higher the chances of rusting which leads to permanent damage. Spiros thoroughly explained this to the customer and she had no objections against our guy’s recommendations. She even asked if there was something she could do to help and we thought it was one of the kindest things, ever. Spiros thanked her and told her to leave it to him.

To start with, Spiros had to remove the old antenna as it was not up for the job anymore. He then upgraded the old antenna to a new, Australian-made digital antenna. Spiros specifically picked our best-selling MA612V antenna because this was perfect for maximum signal strength and has a built-in low-pass filter. Since the customer wanted to access channels 6, 7, and 9, this antenna was truly the best pick. He also fitted a new roof mount and ran a new in-line cable to connect to the TV point in the lounge. After making sure that everything was in place, he performed another signal check and just like that, all the channels returned in an even better condition.

The customer was happy and called us the next day to commend Spiros. “He was such a nice guy who knows what he was doing. Thanks to him I can watch my favourite shows again. I hope he loved the tea!” We shared the customer’s feedback with Spiros and that just made his day.

Antennas might already have problems that your bare eyes can’t easily spot. You may not realize it, but your old antenna might already need replacement or simply, there’s a part of it that is already damaged. Regardless, it’s important to trust experts in antenna installation. If you are looking for antenna specialists in Coorparoo, we are the best pick for you. Call Mr Antenna today on 13 11 49 for a free quotation!

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