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Saving Money On Antennas Is A Bad Idea1

23rd February, 2022

Saving Money On Antennas Is A Bad Idea

A lot of people have their ways of being frugal. Spending money only on important things has been their priority over the years. Some find it easy but some also struggle with how to be thrifty. Saving a lot of money for whatever you plan to spend it on in the future is actually a brilliant idea. For some reason, rare cases exist where frugal is not the way.

Take this customer’s experience as an example. She was having severe TV reception issues for months. She was having issues with TV pixelation in Armadale, some channels getting lost, and at times she couldn’t even get any channels at all. We had Stuart Parry, one of our local TV antenna experts in Armadale, visit the customer’s home to find out what was going on.

He went up to the roof and by just looking at the TV antenna, he was able to tell how old the antenna was. The customer confirmed that this was the first TV antenna they had since they moved in—30 years ago. They said they put up with the bad TV reception because it was still working ‘somewhat’ and they really didn’t want to spend extra money on a new TV antenna.

Stuart completely understood the customer’s predicament. However, he explained to them how TV reception issues will keep getting worse if they don’t fix the problem. The customer finally agreed and Stuart got rid of the old TV antenna. He showed the signal readings to the client and tested the TV after the installation. The customer was really happy and said she has no regrets about spending money on a high-quality TV antenna.

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Saving Money On Antennas Is A Bad Idea1
The Before
Saving Money On Antennas Is A Bad Idea2
The After

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