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30th December, 2022

Say Goodbye to Slow Internet with Starlink

When the pandemic struck everyone globally, it completely changed our way of life. We have become more conscious of our health and be more careful with our surroundings. This has also affected businesses and jobs big time because of the major change. As we all know, the majority of companies are switching to working from home. This is to ensure business stability despite the ongoing pandemic. This called for an increase in the need to have fast and stable internet connectivity.

A lot of service providers offer various kinds of packages, trying to be the best in the field. However, only a few live up to their promise and stand out. Starting to get known as a game-changer in the field, Starlink has made its way to a lot of customers across the country. However, it still has some area limitations that’s why as of writing, Starlink is available only in certain parts of Australia.

When Starlink started making its way in the country, Mr Antenna proudly joined the list of companies that offers Starlink installation in Australia. This is the story of our customer who decided to step up his slow internet connection at home. Just last month, he requested Mr Antenna to install a Starlink satellite dish in Kearns. The customer, who was working from home since the pandemic, got tired of settling for slow internet speed, so he decided to get himself a Starlink satellite dish.

He had been eyeing its release in his area and when we heard the news that it was finally out, he did not hesitate to place an order. It took a month before he received his goodies and the moment he did, he immediately looked for a Starlink dish installer in Australia. He saw Mr Antenna on the internet and so gave us a call to check if we were up for the job. We gladly informed him that we do Starlink dish installation in his area. Being pleased he decided to book an appointment with us two days later.

Rory, Mr Antenna’s resident tv antenna technician in Kearns, drove to the customer’s home to do the installation work. It was a meticulous job that required careful procedures throughout the process. It was stunning to look at this breakthrough in technology. Together with the proper cables necessary, Rory also supplied a tin roof bracket for the dish to secure its placement and position. After completing this job which almost took eight hours, Rory finally put everything into place. The internet speed showed whopping figures of ~300mbps. The customer tested it by watching five Youtube videos in ultra-high definition simultaneously. None of the videos buffered or even skipped a beat. Starlink isn’t kidding, mate!

After the installation and speed tests, the customer was beyond happy you could see it on his face. “It was so fast it could compete for a marathon.”, The customer jokingly said as he was very amazed by how fast the connectivity was. This feels brand new as he almost became habituated to the slow internet speed but today, that changed. He also left good feedback on Rory’s work. Finally, he can work at home without any worries about missing a deadline.

If you’re from Kearns, NSW and looking for someone to install your Starlink satellite dish, we have your back.
Our jobs are important that’s why nothing should be in its way. We got crazy deadlines every day but we shouldn’t stress out because of bad internet. If you feel like your current connection is not working at its best, now is the time to upgrade to a better one. Have you ordered your Starlink satellite dish yet? Check out their website to see if they have your area covered. Don’t worry about installing it as we are just one call away! Call Mr Antenna on 131149 for your Starlink satellite dish installation in Australia!

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