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Yamaha MusicCast

9th September, 2018

Things You Must Know About Yamaha MusicCast

The revolution in technology makes everything around us perfect, including music streaming. Music everywhere – that is what we want, right? That is where Bluesound and Sonos thrive. But Yamaha wants to take everything to the next level by getting all in your audio network. And that is where the Yamaha MusicCast comes into play.

Welcome to Musicast!

It has never been as fast and easy to fill your entertainment area with music.
MusicCast is the new revolution in networked audio. You can use all products of MusicCast together or separately. Control everything using a single app (designed to be simple, intuitive and quick to use). Use a Hi-Fi, a Sound Bar, a wireless speaker, or an AV receiver system.
With MusicCast, you are given a great ability to play separate music in each room, in combined rooms, or play different music in each separate area.

Stream Your Music Regardless of the Format

You can now finally enjoy the exciting contents, such as music streaming, TV programs, vinyl records and even CDs. With the help of MusicCast, you can effectively share across the entire home the audio sources connected to the input source.

High-resolution audio content is also supported by MusicCast, including WAV, MP3, and FLAC. All products in MusicCast support the 192 kHz/24bit high-resolution audio codec, which lets you enjoy whatever music contents with high-quality audios.

Music Steaming Via AirPlay and Bluetooth and Share It with MusicCast
All models of music can become Airplay and Bluetooth compatible. From music apps to video hosting, you have the opportunity to enjoy streaming exciting music even from your smartphone.

All products of the Yamaha MusicCast come equipped with Bluetooth output. MusicCast can directly send content to Bluetooth-enabled headphones or speakers, making any type of Bluetooth device becomes a part of the entire system.

MusiCast App

You can control all MusicCast devices using a single app. Just tap the screen and control all audio equipment and the music across your home.

Check out this great video walk-through by our friends at RadioParts Group.

Yamaha MusicCast

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