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30th November, 2022

Time for an Upgrade—old Antenna in Dee Why Caused Reception Issues

We always hope for good things to happen over and over, right? Like if we can turn back time, we’ll rewind just the amazing things we felt. As they say, “Let the good times roll.” For wishful thinking, we want to it roll multiple times. However, for things that cause stress and nuisance, it’s cool to end it swiftly. It’s not a rare occurrence for us to receive numerous complaints about a recurring TV reception issue. Just a few days earlier, we received yet another call from a customer who needed help in resolving issues with her TV channels that were losing now and then.

Repeating troubles with reception is one of the most annoying things one could ever experience. This was what our customer in Dee Why had to suffer for months. Dee Why, one of the most stunning places in New South Wales, is known for its splendid beaches. This is such a dream for beach lovers but sometimes, this smells like trouble for antennas nearby. Strong winds that have high amounts of moisture may affect the signal quality gained by the antenna, especially if the antenna is not strong enough to sustain signal stability. Also, being situated near the beach accelerates the antenna’s rusting a little faster than usual. It’s crucial to health check your antenna now and then to ensure that no important part of the antenna corrodes.

The customer already realized that he needs a new antenna installed and he wants it done as soon as possible. According to him, he has lived in this small, beautiful neighbourhood near the beach for years and he knew that the TV antenna was old and frail. He has a bit of experience with electronics but decided to call for TV antenna experts to make sure everything will run smoothly. We wanted to help him at the earliest time possible so after finding the most suitable date for him, we immediately punched that booking for him.

We set an appointment with Nathan, one of our local antenna guys in the Dee Why area, to help the customer. Upon a quick inspection by Nathan, it was true that the antenna was already out of date and needs to be replaced by a new one. Nathan did not waste any time and started his work. He replaced the old antenna with an Australian-made, heavy-duty antenna. This will ensure longevity throughout the years. Along with the new antenna, Nathan also installed a new four-way splitter in the living room to maintain the signal balance among the multiple TV points the customer has at home.

Overall, it was a neat installation and Nathan garnered another commendation from a new customer. What the customer loved is that there weren’t a lot of unnecessary offers just no resolve his issue. It was straight to the point and poof! All his troubles seemed like they did not exist in the first place. He now has an optimum signal at home and the new antenna restored all the lost channels, that also in an even better state. Another happy customer, ladies and gentlemen!

For antenna installations in Dee Why, call us today for assistance! Our available schedules run out quickly so book as early as now. Dial 131149! Hesitant because of expensive call-out fees? We suggest taking them off your worries! We quote for free! Enquire today and start watching your favourite shows today!

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