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31st December, 2022

TV Time is Fun Time—Customer in Ripley Gets a New TV Antenna

A happy home needs a TV

Home should be a happy place. However, there are times when bad days are quite inevitable. Sometimes life is full of stress or we are too tired to function for a day. A perfect form to calm ourselves down is to just sit, grab a bowl of your favourite snack and start watching evening shows. It may seem a little shallow but more many people, this is already precious. Not thinking about any pressure in life is a very healthy means of retreat. This is our way of replenishing all the energy that we lost. Sounds perfect! Several customers of ours call us for different types of help in terms of their TV and antennas. Let’s dive into one of our customer’s stories in Ripley. Enjoy!

A few days earlier, our team received a call from a customer who needed a new antenna in Ripley. He had been living in this beautiful neighbourhood for a couple of years now. He always loved the place and according to him, this is where he’ll be staying for good. The customer wanted to replace his analogue antenna with a more modern, digital antenna. Given how insanely fast technology evolves, it’s almost mandatory that we keep up with its pace. Otherwise, we’ll get left out! Jeff, our resident antenna hero in Ripley, travelled to the customer’s home to install a new antenna as per the customer’s request. Easy peasy!

Jeff the Inspector

When Jeff arrived, he did a quick inspection of the roof. He checked where is the best direction to point the antenna and where exactly he should place it. One of the perks of the customer’s neighbourhood is that the location of the house was not far away from the local transmitter. Sounds comfortable but this was a true story! It was like everything was already handed to the customer and he was just waiting for the antenna to be installed.

It was not new to find the highest part of the roof to be that perfect spot for the TV antenna. Craig offered the best antenna that was perfect for the house and its location but they settled on installing a new high-gain, Australian-made antenna and a rooftop mount to the existing cabling. We had to commend the cabling work for this one as it was done neatly and compatibly with the new antenna in place.

Craig completing the TV Antenna installation

Craig completed the antenna installation and did a quick scan of the TV. We returned it as well to make sure it picks up all the free-to-air channels available. The signals and readings were both healthy figures so it was safe to say that we did a good job after all. The customer thanked Jeff for his quality work and a very reasonable cost of service. He was also very glad now that he could continue watching his favourite evening shows and as a bonus, his TV has additional channels he can enjoy moving forward. What’s more, is that Craig gave a pensioner’s discount to the customer. It was truly a joyful service for the customer. We couldn’t even count the number of thanks we got! Our hearts got full upon reading Craig’s notes on the job!

Our technicians do their work correctly and proficiently. If you need a new antenna or you are having TV reception issues, don’t stress as we have local antenna technicians nearby! Not sure what service you need? Our boys will drop by and give your antenna a quick health check. Call us now for a FREE onsite quote! Dial 13 11 49 today!

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