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TV Wall Mount

24th September, 2018

TV Wall Mount in Point Cook

A TV Wall Mount when carried out by qualified technicians, can prevent injury and health risk. Reports from hospitals have reported that 42,000 injuries from toppling TV’s occurred between 1998- 2007, in the US. With more and more accidents from falling Televisions, every day its important that parents make sure that these items are secured. A falling TV sends a child to the Emergency room every 30 minutes with some of these resulting in death.

Here at Mr. Antenna, our qualified technicians help families keep their loved ones safe by ensuring a proper television mount. Here is an example from a family in Point Cook who recently had us mount their televisions- “I was lucky enough to learn this the easy way when my 4-year-old daughter climbed onto the floating shelf that was holding my TV up, everything on the shelf came crashing down including my daughter. Thankfully the television had missed her by inches and she was okay minus some scratches. That is when I knew I had to Wall Mount my Television. Thankfully Mr. Antenna was able to help me with this”.

All of the televisions in the customer’s Point Cook home were mounted securely and out of reach of their children so that no injuries could occur. The right-sized mount was used to handle the weight and size of these Televisions as well as special brackets which we supply ourselves.

It is very important that you use the right mount and brackets for your television’s size and weight. If you do the job yourself you may use the wrong equipment. This can result in an accident with a loved one or property damage to your home. For example, damaged walls. Let Mr. Antenna help you with your safety concerns and get the job done right the first time. provides the following tips to help keep your family safe

  • Mount Flat-screen TVs to the wall to prevent them from toppling off stands. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that you have a secure fit
  • Use brackets, braces, or wall straps
  • Keep toys, remotes, and items of interest away from the Television or top of Television to stop the temptation of children to climb up and reach them.

It is very easy to have Mr. Antenna come out to your home to do a TV Wall Mount. Mr. Antenna services all of Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs such as Point Cook. Mr. Antenna is a nationwide company that specialises in antennas, home theatre installs, and wall mounting televisions as well as many other services.

TV Wall mount

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