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26th November, 2022

TV Wall Mounting Done Right in Ashgrove

How hard can a TV wall mount be? For inexperienced individuals, it sure is tricky and not easy! It requires a lot of technical skills and time. If you have time to spend learning things like this, it can be worth it! However, if you already have a lot on your plate and you’re not confident about what you do, then it’s the perfect time to call for tv wall mounting experts!

The good news is that Mr Antenna has a line of amazing technicians that are one call away! For our technicians who are trained professionally, wall-mounting a huge TV is a no-sweat job. Truly! Just a few days earlier, our team of awesome TV wall mounting specialists in Ashgrove went to a customer’s place for action!

A customer who just had a new 65-inch TV delivered to his home wanted to wall-mount it as soon as possible. Since he had no idea how to set techy things up, he knew it was best to call for the best tv wall mounting experts in Ashgrove. He came across Mr Antenna on the web so he decided to give it a shot. He filled out our form from the website. Our customer care team gave him a call and we informed him that the next availability was two days later. He said that it was fine as that was also his day off from work.

Additionally, asked if it was possible to set up both his Xbox and Apple TV because he wasn’t able to mention it when he was looking for the appointment. It was a piece of cake and we happily said that unless it’s flying an aeroplane, we’ll happily grant his request! Soldiers always come prepared, right? So are we! John, our local hero in Ashgrove, came ready for the customer’s sudden request.

It was a quick meet and greet when John arrived one fresh morning. Upon John’s quick inspection, he said the spot where the TV will be mounted was all good to go. Before starting, the customer had additional requests. He was very keen on how he’d like his set-up to look so he had specific instructions for John. He wanted all the cables hidden on the wall so they wouldn’t be an eyesore.

Before proceeding, John also let the customer measure his preferred viewing height and distance but of course, under his recommendation. The customer was a bit shy about his little requests but we assured him that it was nothing to worry about. After all, it wasn’t a tough job as for our experts like John, it was a common preference among customers. So after everything was finalized, the tv wall mounting was put in the works.

John measured and drew lines on the wall based on the recommended height from the ground to the centre of the TV. After this, he carefully drilled holes in the wall and made sure there were no cables or pipes that would get punctured throughout the procedure. John took it easy but very keenly to avoid unnecessary damage. The installation started and finished on the same day.

It was very smooth and John carried out all the customer’s requests accordingly. The customer gave a call the following day commending John; saying how smooth it was to work with him and how he did not have any issues with John’s quality of work. He couldn’t be happier with how neat his living room looks right now. We made sure John knew about the customer’s positive review!

We don’t do mediocre work. Our pledge is to provide quality service all the time. We make sure to keep our word and have happy customers by the time we leave their homes. For TV antenna installation, TV wall-mounting requests and other services, you may dial 13 11 49 for assistance. Choose from the list of services we offer and we’ll be happy to help!

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