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25th November, 2022

Wall Mount of Two TVs in Fraser Rise

TV Wall Mount in Fraser Rise

Does it ever drive you crazy just how fast technology changes? It steers us in one direction, right? Hoping you’ll get the pun in there, mate. Keeping aside all jokes, the way technology moulds our way of life is both exciting and terrifying. It changes us in ways that we can only imagine. Over the years, electronics have improved and just became more modernized.

Antennas and televisions are just one of these electronic devices and they only keep getting better. More and more designs are invented daily and the specs just become more modernized. This is just one indication of how technology improves many things in everyone’s life.

Ages ago when televisions were first invented, a lot of people were in awe and wanted to have one for themselves. This is such a breakthrough in technology; it was normal for everyone to feel ecstatic about it. Indeed, how TVs look has improved many, many years later up to date. We got used to that simple, on-the-tabletop look for our tv but a few years earlier, that changed; improved. Slowly, people started switching to a contemporary presentation of their TVs.

Nowadays, mounting a tv on the wall is becoming more and more famous not just in Australia but in every corner of the world. Compared to the old and usual style we normally see from a 90s home, seeing huge flat screens on the wall has become an eye candy nowadays. Recently, a customer in Fraser Rise needed to step up his home entertainment.

TV Wall Mounting

Just days earlier, our team was called for TV wall-mounting in Fraser Rise. John, one of our local tv wall mounting technicians in Fraser Rise went to help the customer. Two TVs needed to be wall-mounted; a 32” and a 65”. There were already proper brackets for each TV that were provided by the customer. First, John did the hard work with the 65-inch. It was a huge tv and John was lucky as the customer lent a hand in lifting it. He then put the 32-inch into a bedroom for a maximized watching experience.

It was always the customer’s wish to have a small TV in his bedroom and he was very happy about getting what he wanted. The tv wall-mounting transitioned smoothly; both the TVs worked exceptionally, just how the customer wanted them. The TV placements were spot on, and in addition, the customer felt very comfortable while watching. John got a well-deserved commendation from the customer for his expert work.

It’s up to us how we want to design our homes. Making it look presentable at all times is one of our top concerns as homeowners. However, this is also one of the ways we reflect on ourselves and we cannot emphasize this more.

If you also want a neat-looking, contemporary look for your tv, our friendly local techs will surely help you achieve what you like. Need TV wall mounting in Fraser Rise? Call us and we’ll have one of our local heroes like John do the job for you! Dial 13 11 49 and get yourself a free onsite quotation today! Yes, you read that right! Our quotations are free! Hurry, mate!

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