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1st December, 2022

We Install New Antenna for a Customer in Clayfield

Watching TV has its wonders. For some, it might be too shallow but for others, it is such a good way to cope with a long, weary day. After all, we need to find something that could take our worries off our minds. It’s a good way to replenish our energy to be able to take on new challenges ahead. Several people need an antenna installation in Australia. There are a few who use subscription services to watch many channels. Although getting a new antenna to pick up free-to-air channels still does not get old. In the name of frugality, why pay when you can enjoy watching for free? At the end of the day, it is each and everyone’s matter of choice. A few weeks earlier, one of our antenna technicians went to an antenna installation in Clayfield.

We got a customer who called and requested a new antenna for his single-story home in Clayfield. This was a huge milestone for the customer as he was able to unlock the achievement of finally having his very own home. He was now ready to start a new life at his new home and according to him, he wants a new antenna installed for his love of watching television. He even shared that some of his neighbours recommended our company to him so he gave it a shot.

Lee, our resident antenna specialist in Clayfield, went to help the customer with the antenna installation. Lee showed and explained the specs of our different antennas and laid out the best pick for the customer. After a quick discussion, the customer settled on getting our premium, Australian-made MA612V antenna. Initially, the customer only wanted to install an antenna but later on, he requested to add a new TV outlet underneath the stairs. He was delighted to know that we can also fulfil his second request. He told us that he might have another television installed in that space soon so he’s getting ready as early as now.

There was already existing cabling for the antenna so Lee had to check if this was compatible with the new antenna and after making sure it was, the installation proceeded as standard. The existing cables were also in good condition and this made Lee’s job a lot easier. He connected the fly lead cable from the wall plate to the antenna. It was such a piece of cake for Lee! After completing the installation, Lee inspected the signal quality and the TV images.

The TV images were crystal-clear because of the healthy signal readings on the meter. The customer was delighted with the results and told us it was just right to trust his neighbour’s recommendation. Before Lee left, the customer asked if he can come back in a month or so to install another TV for him. Lee happily said he would and the customer can call our team anytime whenever he is ready. This is how we form a great customer relationship and we will never get tired of it! Lee left with huge thanks from the customer.

We do wonders with TV antenna installations. Whether there is an existing setup or it requires us to start from scratch, there are absolutely no worries at all! We can complete antenna installations, antenna repairs, and all other things related as need be. If you’re hiring antenna professionals, make sure that they do the job right. If you need a new antenna in Clayfield, our team of professional antenna guys in the area is always one call away! Talk to us today at 13 1149 and we’ll help you!

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