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What To Look Out For When Checking Your TV Reception

17th September, 2021

What To Look Out For When Checking Your TV Reception

The technicians at Mr Antenna have discovered that oftentimes our client will complain about the TV reception being fuzzy or non-existent when almost always the solution is right under their nose! Here are five things to look out for when checking your TV reception:

  • Is the antenna pointing to the TV transmitters?
    One of the most straightforward ways of aligning the antenna. Depending on where you are located, it is best to ensure that your antenna is pointed towards the nearest TV transmitter and secured in place. Mr Antenna technicians use specialised equipment to help them point to the exact direction of the transmitters. However, If you are not sure where sometimes all it takes is a quick look towards where your neighbours’ antenna is pointed.


  • Is it the right antenna for the area?
    Don’t rely on cheap imported antennas for this one! It’s best to buy local to ensure that your antenna is designed for and can withstand the local weather conditions. Especially important due to Australia’s extreme and unpredictable weather forecasts!

Check For Potential Issues

  • Is the coaxial cable free of breaks or bad connectors?
    One of the most common cables you’ll find behind your TV is a coaxial cable. When checking the coaxial cable you will need to use a device called a multimeter. A multimeter is a small electronic device that is used to measure electrical voltage, current (amperage), resistance, and other values. This will give an accurate reading to showcase if there are any breaks or bad connectors in the cable. Our technicians at Mr Antenna always have one at hand!


  • Is the wall plate fitted correctly?
    Oftentimes this issue is overlooked, but if a wall plate is ill-fitted it can cause a weak signal. This is the antenna connection that is inside the home, To check this, ensure that all your wall plate wires are securely connected.


  • Is the fly lead in good condition?
    Broken fly leads are very common and one of the easiest problems to fix when it comes to TV reception. Fly leads are simply the cable used to connect the aerial input on a TV to a TV wall socket. To test your fly lead, simply take a look for any tears on the cable and check that it’s in the plug socket correctly. These are easily replaceable if you suspect that there is a problem with yours try swapping one from another TV in the house. Mr Antenna custom makes their fly leads using the best quad shield coaxial cable.
What To Look Out For When Checking Your TV Reception

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