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15th December, 2017

Yamaha Includes MusicCAst to Their Audio Product Line

Yamaha Includes MusicCAst to Their Audio Product Line
A few years ago, Yamaha made it a lot easier to bring music to each room in every home wirelessly. For several brands, their multi-room system is only an arm of what they do, lying within a small ecosystem of its own.

However, MusicCast is becoming a key part of each Yamaha product and the future looks bright for not only multi-room music but also multi-room audio streaming and distribution.

What is MusicCast?
MusicCAst is a platform that allows each receiver to share, receive and send music, which includes stereo receivers, home theater, powered wireless speakers, soundbars, and wireless speakers.

This means MusicCast can be used for creating a multi-room audio experience with the use of compatible wireless speakers.

This is controlled through an App, which can be downloaded to compatible Android and iOS devices. The MusicCAst app is distinct from the Android and iOS AV Controller App of Yamaha, however, one can navigate between the 2 or more comprehensive control of home theater components.
Designed to work along with compatible products connected to local WiFi network
Works very well with Apple Airplay
Incorporates Bluetooth for receiving and sending
Compatible with external content sources, which are connected to a compatible stereo receiver or home theater, like Audio Cassette Decks, Turntables, DVD Players/Blu-ray Disc or other audio source devices

How does MusicCast Work?
With MusicCast, playing content is extremely easy. The device setup is very simple. All you need to do is to choose a room for the mobile app, choose a source to play in that room, select your content, and start playing.

As one would expect, users can provide custom names to any room and make use of colors or images to represent each room. With the use of the built-in camera in your mobile device, one can even take a photo of the room and use it on the app.

Yamaha has made playing audio through different rooms a breeze. To connect rooms together, press the link button in the upper left part of the app, choose the room, which will serve as the master and pick the room to connect off the master room.

When rooms are connected, you’ll have the ability to control the volume in every room independently.

Supposing that all the connected devices are Yamaha MusicCAs devices, hitting a single power button the connected rooms automatically turns off power for all devices.

If setting up and using MusicCast is proving tricky for you, feel free to give us a call and our technicians will be happy to walk you through the proces

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