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Antenna and Amplifier Combination is the Best Solution - 1

19th May, 2021

Antenna and Amplifier Combination is the Best Solution

Usually, we recommend when installing a new antenna one should also install an amplifier. Better signal strength and quality is often the result of a combination of the two or a boosted signal. We can guarantee this because it is a fact. At the same time issues with the signal happen less often and they increase the product’s life.

A resident of Coburg, facing issues with their TV connection, called us and requested if we could drop in. We quickly sent our tech over with the necessary tools to provide a free inspection.

Our local Coburg technician discovered the reason for poor reception quality and the channels dropping in and out was due to an outdated analog antenna.

With analog aerials quickly phasing out this could mean a digital antenna upgrade is required. By simply providing a signal strength test it was evident that there was little to no signal.

This information identified the cause of the reception problems. We now informed the customer that there was really only one logical step after this. Our suggestion was to install an updated antenna along with an amplifier to provide a top-quality signal. The customer quickly agreed to the suggestion as they were eager to get a better connection.

Our qualified technician removed the old analog, damaged antenna. We supplied and installed an Australian-made premium antenna with a uni-mount. As you may know, we only use Australian made antennas because we can guarantee their performance.

We also supplied and installed a premium amplifier to ensure the best picture quality.  An amazing picture quality only meant a look of happiness on the face of our customer.

Antenna and Amplifier Combination is the Best Solution - 2
Antenna and Amplifier Combination is the Best Solution - 1

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