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24th November, 2022

New Antenna Installation for a Commercial Building in Athelstone

Each time we wake up, it’s a blessing and a brand new opportunity to be better; and enjoy what life has to offer. Facing new challenges that will help us improve doesn’t sound like a bad idea, of course. Everything goes the same with how we meet customers daily. It’s common for us to deal with customers requesting to install new antennas in their homes. This is exactly why Mr Antenna exists!

Other instances require our expertise as well. One of which is, our commercial buildings needing to install new antennas. This is to spark entertainment for the people who visit their spot. It’s a general rule. Waiting can already be boring. Hence it’s important to spice it up a little bit while waiting for time to pass. Let’s read this story from one of the jobs we’ve done in Athelstone.

To begin with, it was our ever-amazing Tony, one of our antenna technicians in Athelstone, who attended the job. This was a change from the everyday domestic fare our techs normally deal with. The commercial development customer was building a new recreational centre on the old soccer club site. Tony said that the construction was already complete. They had already wall-mounted most of the internal fit-out, including two new large A/V screens. Then they also had them cabled up to display multiple video sources.

Tony had been asked to quote on providing the TV antenna & cabling necessary for FTA (free-to-air) reception. Note that commercial quotes are generally more complicated than domestic ones. The buildings are larger, containing infrastructure for multiple services. All of these, are crammed into the tight ceiling spaces. Hence, he needed to carefully consider and route for running coaxial cabling for this TV antenna. This helps prevent it from interfering with other cabling and services.

On top of the cabling complexity, there are some strict construction regulations that you must comply with. These are definite EHS (environment, health & safety) regulations that must be followed while planning these installations. Sounds like a lot to take in but believe us when we say that this is super easy for Tony. Heads up: TECHIE STUFF INCOMING!

Having plenty of experience quoting commercial installs, Tony satisfied the customer with a well-planned installation, a great price and all the EHS boxes ticked. Installation day went off without a hitch. After completing the normal administration requirements – sign onto the site, induction process, proof of licensing and permits, and then finally a quick run-through of the planned works with the site supervisor, everything was good to go.

He had removed the large screens from their wall mounting brackets and safely stowed them out of the way. This made the first task easier— two runs of RG6Q coaxial cabling up through the walls, thus utilizing pre-installed flexible conduits. Then he pulled these coaxes through the ceiling over the planned cabling route and hooked up to an F-type splitter located just inside a ceiling hatch, for easy access.

The second task was to fit the antenna. After gaining ladder access to the roof and roping up with a harness & lanyard for working at heights safely, a 2.4-metre uni-mount tripod bracket was installed in place on the roof above the ceiling hatch. He fitted the antenna and aligned it. Then he added a masthead amplifier to boost the received signal to a suitable level and quality.

He hooked up the coaxial cabling run down through a sealed despite up to the splitter below. After descending from the roof safely, he fit a power injector for the amplifier and replaced and tested the screens. Perfect high-definition FTA pictures gave us a tick of approval from the site supervisor and it was time to pack up, clean up and depart.

Do you own a business that is currently in need of a new antenna? We have you covered! Call us today on 131149 and let’s get you a proper quotation! We have an amazing lineup of professional antenna technicians in Athelstone and across Australia.

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