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28th November, 2022

Bulging TV Outlet Gets a Quick Fix from Mr Antenna Hero

Whenever one of our devices gets broken, we try to fix them on our own as much as we can. It could be successful work but still, but it is still best done by experts who had proper training and ample experience. It’s good to have a grip on how things work, somehow! To experience and learn to fix teeny tiny things by ourselves can be quite fun. It’s satisfying! It’s a common thing for us to get calls about antenna installation but yes, we also get numerous requests for even TV outlet and antenna repairs! Let’s have a look at this customer’s story in Cammeray.

The customer called Mr Antenna as he needed help to fix broken TV outlets. When he called, he explained that his outlets had fallen off the wall for a reason he can’t explain. He just woke up one morning and there was an unpleasant sight. The outlets were hanging from the wall and the customer wanted to fix it as soon as possible. He got a bit scared as he has small kids in the house. Yikes! Another one is that they can’t watch TV for obvious reasons! It was understandable because of course, safety will always be everyone’s priority. We don’t want to hurt anyone, especially kids, in any way. He knew that he needed to call for experts to fix this. When we received the customer’s call, we immediately booked an appointment for the customer.

Ninos, one of our local antenna experts in Cammeray, was just close to our customer care team and booked the job on him. It was only a five-minute drive away so yes, Ninos just chilled and happily went to the customer’s place. As told by the customer, the TV outlets had fallen off and it was due to loosened screws and faulty cable arrangements. As we have mentioned before, it’s not always the antenna that’s causing reception problems. There are other culprits, you know? It’s unfair to always point fingers at poor antennas.

Time to start the job. As a starter, Ninos fixed the wall plates and put them back in their proper place. Ninos had to adjust the dishevelled cables and organize them neatly. If the cables are not put back where they belong, chances are the issues won’t be completely fixed. It’s a lot better to deal with them today rather than wait for them to cause issues in the long run. Saves you from the hassle! After doing so, he tested the outlets once more to see if they would now work properly. And they surely did! It wasn’t rocket science but Ninos’ expertise that saved the day. The outlets worked well and are now safe as they were put in their proper positions.

Having troubles with faulty TV outlets? May it be for repair or installing new ones, we got that covered! No need to worry about them as our team of local technicians are always ready to lend a helping hand. Call us now on 131149 and we’ll have one of our amazing guys fix those broken outlets for you! We service Cammeray and a lot more areas in New South Wales! You can check our list of other services here, too!

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