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31st December, 2022

Fallen Antenna Repaired by Professional Tech in Mitchell Park

We want our lives to run as smoothly as possible. Being able to dodge anything that causes hassle is such a relief. Though, there are times when things are beyond our control. No matter how much we make sure that something is looked after or taken care of, bad luck is quite inevitable sometimes. Just like the saying goes, “It happens.” Just like everywhere else, it’s not a rare occurrence for us to hear from distressed customers. Having huge problems with their TV, TV antennas and all other things related is quite common. You can easily deal with small things. Although, issues with TV antennas are something you have to entrust to professional antenna specialists. If you’re looking for something to read, then we have one for you.

It was a fine day when Mr Antenna received a call from a customer in Mitchell Park. The customer called up to ask for assistance with her TV antenna, which had recently fallen. She was not sure what happened because she was not at home when the antenna fell off the roof. It was also working okay the night before it fell. She was surprised upon seeing the antenna when she got home from work. It was stressful to deal with. She gave us a call to see if we could send someone as soon as possible. Our customer care team found an appointment date for her that was suitable for her schedule. Tony, one of our professional TV antenna technicians in Mitchell Park, went to fix the problem.

Upon arrival at the premises, Tony did a quick inspection and found no damage to the antenna itself, but the the fall compromised both the fascia bracket and coaxial cable. There were no storms or strong winds in the past week that’s why obviously, this was not the cause. According to Tony’s findings, the antenna & bracket had fallen off the back pergola due to old, split timbers. Tony started his work by relocating the existing antenna to a more suitable position around the side of the house. With the new “gutter-mount” style of the bracket and a new RG6Q coaxial cabling to replace the damaged stuff, the job looked like a brand-new digital antenna installation.

Completing the outside work was as simple as running the new cabling into the roof space and hooking up to the existing FTA cabling running to the living room. In addition to, the customer requested her FTA hooked up through a Foxtel Satellite STB, so the inside signal check was achieved by running a signal diagnostic in the Foxtel service menu. This provided us with a clean bill of health on the antenna signal and after a quick re-tune & picture check, the happy customer was back to normal with her TV viewing. Felt like nothing happened!

The customer expressed her thanks to Tony and Mr Antenna for an excellent job on her antenna. She can get on with her daily dose of favourite shows without worrying about her antenna falling from the roof again. The new gutter mount will make sure it will serve its purpose for many years. The customer called the next day to inform the management how efficient and knowledgeable Tony was. Tony was very happy upon hearing the kind words from the customer and said it was enough to make his day at work.

Unexpected things happen daily. Tv antennas are not an exemption as they could sometimes get destroyed because of many factors! Has your antenna fallen off the roof? Stop worrying about it today and call Mr Antenna for a quick fix. We are just one call away to solve your problem! Our team of professional TV antenna technicians are always ready to lend a hand. Other than Mitchell Park, we have professional antenna techs in other parts of Australia. Call Mr Antenna on 13 11 49 today and let our customer care team book you an appointment!

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