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28th November, 2022

Foxtel Subscriber Gets a New Antenna for his Home

Many households across the country use Foxtel to watch their favourite shows. Despite this being a paid subscription, a lot of people still avail of the service for the sake of exclusivity. We can’t deny that there are some enjoyable shows here, though! The heart wants what it wants. So if it’s a new Foxtel antenna, let it be. On the other hand, some people still want to keep the old, classic TV antenna so they could still access free-to-air channels. That doesn’t sound so bad! Here’s another story you can enjoy from a fantastic customer in Drummoyne.

A week earlier, he rang our customer care hotline as he was looking for antenna installers in Drummoyne. He mentioned that they were already using Foxtel since they moved into the neighbourhood. When Foxtel released the IQ box, they were among the first ones to purchase the device. It was a smooth ride and they had no issues with Foxtel. It’s just that having access to free-to-air channels is also a must, at least for them. They said that they feel like having a digital antenna again to do this. Their wish is our command so we happily informed the customer that we will do the work for him. The customer then booked an appointment on a Thursday as that was his availability. The agreed schedule delighted him.

Daniel, one of our TV antenna technicians in Drummoyne, went to help out the customer. Given that this was a completely new installation, he inspected where the best spot was to place the new antenna. A tin roof mount was also installed to affix the aerial steadily and to maintain the proper level despite being placed on an inclined surface. It only took Daniel a short amount of time to finish the set-up. After the installation, he had to re-tune the TV so that it could catch the most updated channels. The customer was very happy with his decision to get a new antenna. He was impressed with the quality of the TV images and thanked Daniel for the awesome work done. He commended the fast, affordable and high-quality work Daniel did and he couldn’t be more thankful as he is now back to the classic.

Planning to install a digital antenna together with your Foxtel IQ box? It certainly is one of the amazing things our team of professional antenna guys do. Don’t stress about looking for the best as we are the ones you need to go with! Mr Antenna has been and always will be one of the most trusted names in the industry. That ain’t a joke, mate! Call us on 13 11 49 today and let’s talk about a free on-site quotation. How’s that sound? Hurry up!

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