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Installing a TV Aerial In Melbourne Answering the FAQs

9th November, 2021

Installing a TV Aerial In Melbourne: Answering the FAQs

To take full advantage of the TV watching experience, it is known that you need to install a TV aerial. TV aerials not only enhance quality but allow you to connect to a much wider range of channels. Our experts at Mr Antenna have experience in installing TV aerial(s) all around Melbourne. We have decided to put together a list of all the most commonly asked questions from our customers so that you can have access to all the aerial answers in one place.

  • Do I need a TV aerial?
    If the use of your TV is just to watch streaming services such as Netflix, then the answer is no. However, any Australian home that would like to receive broadcast TV or for smart TVs such as LED/OLED TVs then will need a TV aerial.
  • How do TV aerials work?
    TV aerials comprise of metal to attract electromagnetic waves. These waves carrying television signals induce tiny electrical currents in the antenna. The television set picks up on the signal and selects the information that carries vision and sound.
  • What is the best TV aerial for Melbourne?
    There are no one-size-fits-all here. Our technicians will take into consideration what antenna is required as well as which transmitter that we need to align the antenna to. We specifically do this to ensure that we will provide the strongest and clearest signal.
  • Does every TV in my house need an aerial?
    No, we can arrange all your TV sets in one household to the one aerial. Multiple TV sets won’t affect the quality of your TVs’ signal.
  • I live a bit outside of Melbourne, will I still be able to receive the signal on my TV aerial?
    Yes, but the strength and quality of your signal may be affected. Our experts at Mr Antenna know exactly how to position your TV aerial to make sure that it receives an optimal signal. Our technicians are able to measure the incoming TV signals to determine whether or not the use of a booster or amplifier will enhance the reception.
  • How will Melbourne’s weather affect my signal?
    Normal amounts of rainfall won’t have an effect on your TV’s signal. Harsher weather conditions such as heavy rainfall or storms can cause your signal to be scatty. Thankfully our technicians are able to deliver ampul signal to your TV, so even during these harsh weather events, you are able to receive crystal clear reception.
Installing a TV Aerial In Melbourne Answering the FAQs

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