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Mounting Your TV The Best Way-2

9th March, 2022

Mounting Your TV The Best Way

Finding the perfect height when mounting your tv on the wall is tricky. One incorrect placement can lead to eye and neck strain. When mounting your TV on the wall, the most ideal spot would be at eye level. Below are some helpful tips to consider when mounting your TV on the wall:

TV Wall Mounting Height

Finding the right height depends on TV size and where it is going to be located. Say you want to mount your TV in the bedroom. You will need to measure 43 inches from the floor to the centre of your TV. This proper TV angle will give you a comfortable watching position when you are sitting or lying in the bed. It is not advisable to place small furniture below it or even place it in the corner of the room. As an alternative, you may put it at your bed’s foot for the best viewing angle.

For televisions that are in the living room, you may refer to this mini-list below:

As a guide, when sitting, the ideal mounting height from the floor to the TV’s centre are as follows:
42-inch TV: around 32 inches
55-inch TV: around 28.5 inches
65-inch TV: around 26 inches
75-inch TV: around 23.6 inches
Note that when mounting a TV, it is best to plan the installation carefully with your technician to find the perfect height for your individual situation and ensure that it will be safe and secure. Choosing the proper equipment and bracket type is a must.

Are there different types of TV mounts?

Since TV wall mounting started making its way into several households across the country, a lot of TV antenna companies have started making and installing various types of brackets. In general, we have two types of brackets.

Flat bracket

This is the most common bracket used. When installed, it gives your television a fixed place that’s flat on the wall. This one works with almost every type of TV, except those with bulging backs.

Moveable bracket

This type of bracket allows you to have a better viewing angle even when lying down while watching TV. It allows you to change its position as it can be tilted up or downwards, moved horizontally or even extended for a more comfortable watching experience. Always consider your television specifications when choosing a bracket.

Now that you know the basics of the proper TV wall mounting height, it’s time to choose the perfect techs to do it. Mr Antenna is known to provide one of the best TV wall mounting services in Australia and is sure to give you the perfect viewing experience you deserve! Call 13 11 49 and let’s talk about your TV wall mounting requests. You can also get in touch for help with TV wall mounting online. A free quote is on us!

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