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21st November, 2022

Mr Antenna Tech Installs a Starlink dish in Golden Grove

An improper or failed internet connection affects a lot of things in a bad way. Our homes have become our stationary workplaces now. Hence, it has become mandatory to secure a steady, reliable, and fast connection. Our internet connection should be as fast as sound.

Otherwise, you will say hello to heaps of backlogs that are nearing their deadlines. And come on, who wants that? It’s always better to deal with the things that we need to do now rather than battling with them later; when they are harder and a lot more to deal with. What you finish early is a reward at the end of the day. True!

Two days earlier, our super antenna specialist in Golden Grove, Tony, went to get rid of a customer’s headache—his sluggish internet connection. The customer was living in a semi-rural block near Golden Grove and was complaining about terrible internet with his current connection.

He’s been working at home for more than two years now and lately, he almost can’t finish anything he needs to do because his internet is constantly cutting off. Knowing this wasn’t going anywhere, he decided to look for better options. He came across Starlink and wanted a satellite system professionally installed. He also looked for Starlink satellite dish installers in Golden Grove and that was when he found Mr Antenna.

Upon Tony’s arrival, he checked the customer’s house and surrounding trees to ensure the best location on the roof for the Starlink dish. The more clearance from tall trees, the better download performance & reliability. Fortunately for the customer, he already had an existing Foxtel satellite dish setup he was no longer using. To begin with, Tony pulled the old dish off the satellite mount. Then he used it for his new setup. It was well positioned on the roof for his purposes.

After installing the Starlink dish, Tony lifted a roof sheet to gain ceiling access and used the old satellite cable to pull the new cabling through the wall cavity. Tony had to point out that this old Foxtel setup was proving very useful. On the inside wall, Tony fitted a “brush-plate” to neatly bring the cabling through to the desired WiFi modem location. First, he closed up the roof, checking everything was completely sealed and water-tight up there. Then he finished off inside.

The Starlink system is very easy to set up once the dish & cabling are properly installed– very easy that it was literally “plug & play”. Within minutes, Tony had the customer connect to his WiFi and do an internet speed check, which came back with an impressive speed of 160Mbps.

Tony wrapped up the installation for the customer. He also gave him a price discount for using his existing satellite mounting hardware and the customer was even happier! The customer was so glad to find Mr Antenna on his web search. He thanked Tony for being such an amazing person to work with. It was such a day full of bliss for both the customer and Tony.

Are you getting tired of being pestered by slow internet at home? Time for a change! Switch to Starlink for a more reliable connection. Our team of Starlink satellite dish installers in Australia is always ready to help you! Call us after you get your satellite dish and we’ll install it for you! For more information, talk to our customer service team on 131149!

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