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26th November, 2022

Need Extra TV Points and Antenna in Alexandra Hills? We Got You.

What’s better than laying in bed, not worrying about work the next day and just watching a new episode of your favourite evening show? For some who have shallow forms of relaxation, watching TV is already a pure form of happiness. As they say, we all have our guilty pleasures and as long as they are not harmful in any way, then let them be! We all have our sources of happiness and for many people, watching television is just one. Here’s another story to enjoy while you’re taking a break from work.

Lee, our resident technician in Alexandra Hills, went to help a customer who needed an antenna replacement for her home. She moved into the neighbourhood a few years back and she was delighted with the place and the suburb, overall. The house was not a new build, so it pretty much had everything in place already. There was already an existing bracket on the roof and she only needed a new antenna to catch up with the updated free-to-air channels at the moment.

She looked for the best and most affordable antenna company in Alexandra Hills. As a huge fan of music and singing competitions, the customer enjoys watching TV anywhere in her house. Couldn’t miss these shows! She also needed to get extra TV points installed in the kitchen and the bedroom. The customer wanted to maximize her watching experience. Reason why she also requested this. It’s fun singing while cooking, you know? It is such a mood-lifter!

To begin with, Lee showed all the types of antennas we offer and how they function. As part of his awesome work, he pretty much explained the different antenna specs to the customer to help her decide what she’ll go for. Of course, with proper guidance from our super Lee, the customer ended up picking up one of our bestsellers. Lee installed a new MA612V-5 antenna for the customer and placed the TV outlets in the requested locations of the customer. To ensure balance in the signal distribution around the house, a three-way splitter was also installed for the customer. Lee tested the outlets to check for faults and disparities but because of Lee’s expertise, there were none! It was amazing to work with, thanks to Super Lee!

After the signals passed, the customer was happy to see how impeccable the results were. It was evident as it shows how clear the TV reception was. The images were pixel-free, stable and in high definition. Lee also tested all the TVs in the rooms and they were all working well. The customer was beyond glad that she can now continue her practice for her next singing competition. If there was time, Lee could have sung a song with the customer. Our Lee was such a superstar so maybe next time, though!

Antenna installation should not be a pain in the neck! There are a lot of things you should think about more rather than thinking about who to call to install them for you. Mr Antenna has all the services you need! New antenna? Antenna repairs? TV wall mounting? Need extra TV points in your bedroom, kitchen, or wherever you want them installed? We got them all for you! Call our customer care team and we’ll book a free on-site quotation with one of our technicians. We have several antenna technicians in Alexandra Hills and other parts of Queensland! Press 13 11 49 on your phone today!

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