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29th November, 2022

New Antenna Installation in a Lovely Cabin Home in Caboolture

Old, delicate things need a bit of extra care especially if we still want to keep them for some time. It truly is a nice thought until they become too much of high maintenance. Usually, our ultimate goal for doing such is to save money but most of the time, it’s just the other way around. If keeping them intact makes you spend more than you should, we think it’s best to think about letting these things go. Not long ago, a customer in Caboolture needed help with a new antenna installation and called us to do some awesome work. Enjoy reading the story!

It was a cloudy day when Mr Antenna technician, John, was requested to do an antenna installation in Caboolture. We pointed out that the cabin was a little old but still looks stunning because they maintained it very, very well. It was built in the 90s so just imagine how many beautiful years it has been there. The customer made the cabin home their little recreational place so she and her family com every now and then; especially during the summer. This is where they come to relax, have fun and destress.

The customer wanted to have a touch of entertainment in his cabin home and that’s something we can do. So, why not? We gladly informed her that we are more than happy to do the work for her. Our customer care team booked an appointment and it was all set for the following day. Another plus point for the customer as it was perfect for her day off from work. Thanks, fa really worked well. We booked her under for one of our professional antenna technicians in Caboolture, John.

Warm greetings from the customer when John arrived. It was a quick meet and greet but you can tell how friendly and nice the customer was. After doing so, John discussed the different types of antennas we offer and which among them suits best the customer’s needs. After they settled on which antenna was the most feasible and is within the customer’s budget, it was down to the real work. Upon John’s recommendation, the customer selected an all-new, MA612V-5 Australian-made antenna. Now it’s antenna installation time, babe! Let us just emphasize how this job became one less problem––thanks to the cabin home’s location that was near the local transmitter.

This already guarantees that the outcome will be amazing! John just had to place the tv antenna and point it towards the most proper direction. He also added a new wall plate upon the customer’s request. Despite being an easy job, John still had to be careful while doing the installation because the roof was a little delicate. Hello, it has been there for more than a decade so it was given! He had to make sure there will be no damage, otherwise, that will be a serious problem. And we don’t want any problem here, mate. Never.

Anyway, after the new antenna was installed perfectly, John pulled out his field strength meter like James Bond did with his Walther PPK and tested out the signal and power ratings. We were right when we said it’s going to be splendid. Both power and signal readings were whopping figures of 68-75 dB. Wow! The customer’s lovely smiles and countless thank yous proved this better. Now, they can freely enjoy amazing family movie nights with better TV reception at their stunning cabin home. The channels have become stable and pixel-free. Thanks to our amazing John for a job well done! Keep it up, mate! We’re proud of you!

John was very careful and professional throughout the process and greatly satisfyed the customer. She said she will recommend Mr Antenna to everyone she knows if they need the best antenna installation in Caboolture. According to her, working with Mr Antenna was such a wonderful experience and our antennas are worth every penny. Talk about how words can make your day complete.

Do you need a new TV antenna for a cabin home? Don’t fret about finding the best as we certainly are the one you’re looking for! We do antenna installations for all types of establishments so don’t think twice now and start dialling 13 11 49! A free quotation is waving! Hurry up and book an appointment today!

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