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31st December, 2022

Replacing Damaged Antennas in West Lakes

Storms breaking Antennas

There’s a rainbow always after the rain. Such an inspiring saying huh? Lyrics but the point is it’s genuinely nice! Storms are almost a representation of how bad life can sometimes be but the point is regardless of how crappy things can be, life goes on and just gets better. Storms are just a mere representation of how things ought to be. They are a nemesis to the antennas as they cause a lot of damage and hassle. It’s not mind-blowing for us to get several calls concerning antenna repairs.

Take this story from a customer residing in West Lakes. The recent stormy weather in Adelaide has caused a lot of damage to several antennas in this townhouse. These Mr Antenna customers in West Lakes had their antennas blown down off the fascia, which then caused severe pixelation on the TV. They asked our team to check it out and provide the best option to get their reception back to normal.

Damaged Antennas needs Quick Repair

One of our best antenna technicians in West Lakes, Tony, went to lend a hand and resolve the TV reception problem. Upon inspection, the fallen antenna showed a lot of damage. The storm broke off at least four elements and bent some of the others out of shape. This was too much damage to repair, so Tony advised replacing the old antenna with a new digital equivalent. The customer asked for an alternative to the fascia bracket which had given way in the storm. Tony suggested a tin-roof mount, which provides a much sturdier anchor point, especially in windy areas. The external cabling from the antenna to the splitter was old & weathered and it is always the best practice to replace this with good quality RG6Q coaxial & new F-connectors.

The customer was happy with all our advice and asked us to go ahead ASAP. One hour later, they had a new Matchmaster Digital Antenna, new tin roof mount and new external cabling. Tony signal-checked and re-tuned the TVs inside, and their reception was better than before. The damaged antenna & hardware was taken away and properly disposed of (ie: all broken down, aluminium recycled, steel recycled and plastic binned).

Tony left the premises with very happy customers thanking him and saying they would recommend Mr Antenna to their friends. Talk about words that make our hearts swell, these are total to die for. It is always our company’s goal and pleasure to provide quality service to our customers in need.

Has your antenna been damaged by the storm? Blimey! Call us right away and we’ll send them..or replace them straight away if we can’t repair them! Dial 131149 today or simply visit our website to book an appointment.

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