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25th November, 2022

Storm-damaged Antenna Gets Replacement in Sinnamon Park

Damaged antenna? Yup, genuinely stressful. For old antennas, it is quite inevitable for them to be replaced due to being already frail but there are cases where newly installed antennas get replaced forcefully. Why? Well, storms have a lot of say on that! Whenever freak storms hit, one of the things that they affect the most is antennas.

To be fair, some can easily be repaired by simply putting them back in their rightful place but there are also cases where storm-damaged antennas are beyond saving. Take time to read about this customer’s unfortunate experience with his antenna.

It was a rainy week in Sinnamon Park and a lot happened to several antennas. Some fell, some moved and some broke beyond repair. This customer of ours was unlucky as he experienced all three things in one blow. Things don’t always go our way and this was exactly what the customer felt during the time.

Life is sometimes a bummer but we just have to deal with it! Heavy rains and strong winds hit his neighbourhood pretty badly. The antenna that had fallen off the roof was already weak and old. Antennas of this quality are the most unfortunate victims of heavy rains because most of the time, they don’t recover after a major fall. It was like a call for the owner to get an antenna replacement. That was what exactly happened as the customer called our team to look for the best antenna installers in Sinnamon Park.

It was pretty obvious that the solution was to get a new antenna. To somehow withstand heavy rains and winds, Jeff, one of our local antenna specialists in Sinnamon Park, also recommended installing the new antenna on a tin roof mount. This was to ensure stability and proper angle of the antenna. The customer had no objections and let Jeff do the job. He said he was only after fixing the antenna so Jeff could do what he needed.

To start the work, Jeff installed a high-gain antenna for the customer and ran new cables from it to the television. Note that the fall made the cables disconnect from the antenna. Thus, completely lighting out the channels. Other than the damage caused by the storm, the wires were already corroded and very old.

While doing the work, Jeff had to be extremely careful because there was still moisture from rainfall. Safety comes first and our technicians always see to it that they are far from danger in every job that they do. After completing the installation and testing if the signals passed, Jeff left the house with a happy customer.

The signal and power readings were impressive numbers of 65-70 dB. We got another call from the customer the next day saying his thanks to Jeff for a job well done. Phew! Another happy customer just like what we wanted. Some TV antennas break too much to still function. We highly recommend replacing them with a new ones.

Whether they’re damaged from storms or just simply too old, Mr Antenna just got the perfect solution for you! We service Sinnamon Park and a lot more places in Queensland. Check out our list of services now and see which ones you need! Browse here or simply call 131149! Hurry as appointment slots run very quickly!

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