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TV Antenna Installation for a Real Estate Body Corp-2

10th May, 2021

TV Antenna Installation for a Real Estate Body Corp in South Yarra

Our tech Stuart recently had to attend a call in South Yarra to help with TV Antenna Installation for a real estate Body Corp in South Yarra. We can only imagine how stressful it was for the property/building manager. He was looking after a 4 storey block of apartments and none of the apartments had any TV reception.

Stuart’s tests on the TV Antenna System confirmed the failure of a critical part, the main TV distribution amplifier. He felt it would be straightforward enough to fix this as this part can be easily replaced.

However, further testing on the entire FTA TV system revealed that the system was picking up an extremely large amount of 4G interference which needed addressing.

In resolving this second set of issues, our antenna technician upgraded the old analog antennas to our premium range of digital Australian-made antennas. These antennas have built-in 4G filters.

As part of the installation, we aligned the VHF antenna to the TV transmitters on Mount Dandenong. Once this was done, we were receiving above-average signal readings.

We also aligned a UHF phased array antenna to a different source transmitter coming from the top of the Como building in South Yarra. This provided even better results.

This wasn’t the end though… the saga continued! During our initial inspection, we found a housing box (containing a free-to-air/satellite diplexer) that was highly waterlogged. We emptied the water from this box and re-installed it with a new 2-way splitter, new diplexer and fitted 2 bandpass filters to the relevant TV antennas.

Final testing ticked all boxes with more than adequate FTA/SATELLITE signal strength and quality to all units and testing points.

Everybody in the apartment building is now very happy and we felt good that the work was completed promptly—ensuring that the body corp manager was back in the good books with all the owners!

TV Antenna Installation for a Real Estate Body Corp-2
TV Antenna Installation for a Real Estate Body Corp

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